Great Food!

I was admitted to a mental hospital about 13 years ago. My first husband left me and our two young daughters, and I felt like everyone would be better off if I took a bunch of pills & drove my car into the side of a bridge or something. I didn't act on those feelings, but recognized that I needed to be ok for my kids. My sister drove me to the place. The way I deal with uncomfortable situations is to joke around. We made comments about going to the boobie hatch to maybe hatch some boobies, blah blah blah. Got the help I needed to get my head back on straight, and now realize that everyone important is better off because I'm still here. The food, however, was fantastic!
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They like to feed you up, don't they? :)

It's good to find humor in tragedy, maybe even essential. My first time into a mental hospital was involuntary, it was a very grim state facility and I was dragged there by cops. The 2nd time was voluntary, I felt myself lifting off onto a wild Manic high and I walked right into the Thomas Jefferson University Hospital and admitted myself. I was there for 10 days. My employer picked up the entire $10,000 tab. I always say it was like being at the 4 Seasons - only with meds, plus we were locked in. The food was fantastic!

I'm happy you saw the problem and they were able to help you. You seem somewhat happy now. Hope you stay that way.<br />
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P.S. I didn't care much for the food where I stayed.