The Second Try

Yeah, been in a pshyc ward before, but this time I was forced more so into it.

I'm bipolar II. So my manic phases are really bad  w. Just got so mad at some girl and attacked at her. I was arrested and then taken to the local hospital to get stitches in my knee, well my mom was there and this guy walked in to talk.

I asked for my mom,he just walked out and these 2 guys walked in and I knew what was seriously going on. I got pissed even more. I looked at my mom and the docotr said it wasn't her fault, I told him to shut the **** up. Cause' I always blamed her cause' she made me this way. She didn;t want a child. She got the ****** up child.

Yeah so they both left me inthe room with those stupid guys and he said that I needed to calm down. I was like hell ******* no. Not now, I was getting more pissed and I jumped off the gourney and yeah, it was stupid idear of mine.

One guy grabbed my shirt and pulled me back and the tother like threw me onto the gourney and then like held me as tight as hell. I screamed like a girl and just had a nightmare from then on.

I woke up in some room with some girl, she was all reading a book. I walked out and just kinda looked around. The room was just full of teens. A few ordelies and whatnot, but I just sat on this couch and there wasn't any tv or ****.

Which I was pissed at. But I was to stayt there for about 2 months or something, yeah and in that time I had the worst time ever. Right before I was going to leave I had a panic attack and I just tried to sit in a corner and make it go away without anyone knowing.

This other girl knew wht was happening and she told this nurse and she walked over to me and started asking me a question and i started to cry. She was like, oh it's gonna be fine, just fine. I need you to calm down and we won't go through any problems. Well, of course she walked away for a few seconds and an ordely came to me and I jumped up and like fell down and covered my eyes and ears and stated to shake and scream.

Well that drives attention towards you and then ordelies are trying to pick you up and move you to another room and yeah, at that rate you just wanna run away. I started to kick at them cause I wanted to like calm myself down and yeah, I kinda couldn't. The one ordely like grabbed my leg and then just like another held my arms and I just cried.

Afeter that I just knew I was in some room with a little matress and so I awakened to find myself back in my bed.


I went home 5 days later and I haven't gone back since.

I learned nothing from that

They just tried to teach me how to control the moods and the meds make me feel like a total android and I can't have any emotions. Not with my boyfriend and ****.

HelpedOne332 HelpedOne332
18-21, F
Jul 16, 2007