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The more stories I read, the more I am beginning to view American mental hospitals as stuck in the 60's, Girl, interrupted style. Over here the hospital are just your average hospital nothing like what I have heard described, even the closed wards are tame. I was wondering if I could get some feed back on this.
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Cheers for responding. I'm in Australia. I knew we have damn good health care, I just didn't realise how bad the metal health system was for you guys. I'm sorry to hear that. Take care.<br />

My experience was tame. They let me keep my street clothes and shoelaces based on the risk they deemed that I was. I had my own room, shower, and lavatory. I was an outpatient on 23-hour hold. If you want to know more, you can read my story. Just go to my page.

Where are you? U.K. ? Frankly, you're lucky to find a mental hospital here in the U.S. Mental health is an "outlier," quite apart from standard healthcare. I was involuntrarily committed to a state-run facility - it was pretty grim - very "Girl Interrupted." Later I checked myself into the psych wing of a presitgious teaching hospital - very posh - but it's closed now. I also checked myself into a private hospital - nice - but they try to pump you full of drugs and get you out as fast as they can. "Psychotropic handcuffs" have taken the place of talk therapy because talk therapy takes so long and employers don't want to pay for it. Mental health today - at least in the U.S. - is under tremendous strain. Many of the best psychiatrists won't even deal with insurance companies anymore - it's too much aggravation. They go strictly "cash and carry." Hope this helps.