"Safe Houses"?

It was always suggested to me that being in a confined situation and facility would have the best results & enable personnel to maintain drug doseages and changes,but even so I have found that being able to discuss this with people in everyday life, the simple mention that I had been in such a facility at all , brought looks of the worst kind,as if I had a highly-contagious disease of which there was no known cure! When will there be an understanding between mentally "ill" and mental "health."
maddangell maddangell
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2 Responses Jul 22, 2007

People are always going to "fear" the unknown. They are too busy living "normally" instead of trying to understand the human psyche. To them, it doesn't exist. We are all just robots with no brains.

i dont look down on this ,i admire you for it for admitting you have a couple of problems and needed some help,the actor robin williams did a movie based on truth called Patch Adams and he portrayed of a man with mental problems to succeed as a prominet doctor ,who as far as i know is still in practice with the gesuhindt instute[think i might have mispelled ,my bad} but you know what i mean,glad to know that you are on the road to something better.