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4 years ago I went through a really rough time in my life. I was dealing with moving to a new school, adjusting to living with my step-dad and his rules, and leaving all my friends and family behind in a small town I'd grown up in and felt 100% comfortable with. It was really hard and unlike anything I'd ever been through in my life. I wasn't sure how to deal with it, and neither was my body. I fell into serious depression, started self-mutilation, and was completely withdrawn from everyone around me. In a way, I wanted to be found out, because I wanted help, I didn't want to feel that way anymore. Finally, someone noticed. And I was placed in an Adolescent Mental Institution. I think that week I was in there was the best week of the whole year I lived away from my hometown. I felt like someone really wanted to listen to me. They gave me so much advice on how to make friends, how to get rid of my inhibitions, and let everyone see ME. My family was so supportive. And, I met some very memorable people while I was in there. Hearing their stories, and knowing I wasn't the only one that was going through a hard time, really helped. I know alot of people think that the institutions are "stupid" or "a waste of time". But I was changed. I was helped. For the better. And I've never been back to that person I was 4 years ago.
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3 Responses Jul 22, 2007

It is very good to hear that this stay helped you and that mental hospitals have changed (at least some of them have) since 1966, with talk therapy, group therapy, etc. It is also good to hear that they did not give you shock treatments immediately like many places did in the 1960s. I hope you are doing well these days. Melinda4

I've been inside 3 times. (Bipolar Disorder.) It's a tough environment, but it can be incredibly helpful. Unfortunately here in the States the insurance companies really don't want to pay for mental health coverage anymore.

Finally going to a hospital literally saved my life, but I was terrified going...the stigma. I would recommend anyone suffering for years to made all the difference to me and allowed me to hear other people's experiences. I wasn't the only one going through this. Isolation is one of depressions most evil traits....the hospital saved my life. Turned the light on in the darkness