I Needed Help For My Depression

Unfortunately there are still taboos against people who have been to mental hospitals...Well guess what Depression  needs to be treated sometimes like any other ailment.  We who have been hospitalized for any mental condition  are getting help.  THERE  ARE  MORE PEOPLE OUTSIDE THE HOSPITAL THAT NEED HELP AND WILL NOT GET IT, unfortunately sometimes because they think people will think they are crazy or insane.  WE ALL HAVE A LITTLE CRAZY IN US maybe.
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2 Responses Jul 26, 2007

Darlene I'm glad you found someone to help you. That is so important..My thereapist really helps me...THEY SAY A THERAPIST is a paid friend..And they have the expertise to help you.

I think there are alot of people out there that need/want help but don't know how to go about getting it. I know I felt this way a long time. When I'd finally had enough, I picked a name out of the phone book & made an appointment. I feel it has changed my life. I'm far from cured, but I am in remission!