I Just Got Out a Few Weeks Ago

It wasnt along stay but this time I used it wisely. Every other time I went I was like man when are they gonna let me out and I would just stay stuck on that and not learn anything. This time it was so much better I didnt think about when I was going home. It was like a vacation to me I loved it I have 4 kids 2 of them are 1yr old twins. I didnt have to worry about anyone but me. I got three meals a day I didnt have to cook had a snack at bed time to go with the meds. I slept and slept it felt good its hard being a stay at home mom to get a nap. I have to say Im doing better my meds are working I dont feel much of anything but thats ok its better than wanting to hurt myself or others.
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4 Responses Aug 6, 2007

i havent been there bu still a plus that your doing better.

I went for a night and a half day. I slept, too, but only to escape my reality.

Awesome! I am glad you used the time wisely. Sometimes I miss the comfort of being in an institution!

Reading this really made me happy. I've been "inside" 3 times, so I know what you're talking about. 4 kids is a lot of pressure, being bipolar, leaning on drugs - that's breaking point pressure. I remember taking meth, and the feeling was very like the adrenaline high of mania. All of these things are the same thing - they're all escape - and they take such a terrible toll on you. Now that the meds seem to be working - please - try to keep the toxins out of your blood. Life is already hard, without making it impossible. 4 kids is a lot of responsibility - heck - I had my hands full with one! Be nice to yourself.