I Was Taken to Be 'examined'.

I was made to talk to loads of psychologists when I was a kid, and it only gave me the impression that there was something wrong with me. It went on for years and years being 'examined' put under the microscope and analysed until I was convinced that there must be some problem with my mind coz why else would they be giving me all this attention.

One day I was taken on a special trip to see some more docs. This time I had to be taken to some huge scary building to be (mentally/emotionally) pulled apart.

The rooms that they took me to, way up in this hospital were all fitted with a huge fekking mirror on at least one wall.  As if I don't fekking know what it is. So God knows how many dudes are standing behind it, I feel like a fekking specimen under their microscopes, and I'm really freaked out  by it. They ask me tons of really stupid questions in front of my parents, and then take my parents away to "talk privatly with them." About what?! They wont fekkin tell you anything! Dimwits! So I know my parents are watching and listening from behind the huge fekk-off great-big mirror so I still wont talk to them. I can't say why I'm a fekked-up little kid coz my father is right there and I know it.

They kept me in there for the whole day, doing these interrorgations. Eventually, after several rounds of this, they told my parents, in front of me, that I had shown no signs of a phychosis.

The docs said that whatever problems I had were just caused by my 'unusual' environment, not by me being psychotic.

I was quite pleased with this outcome, but of course, did not show it. On the trip home my father remarked " You might have been able to fool them, but you can't fool me... I know you are mental"

What a **** day. :)

TheLuckyHobo TheLuckyHobo
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Oh Hobo, that must have been so scary - how any one could actually think a child was psychotic is beyond me.....<br />