That Hell

I was admitted to a hospital at the age of 13. It was by far one of the most infamous yet crucial moments of my life. I was admitted to The Seay Center in Plano, TX and to be honest the staff was kind of unintelligent. Except for the case workers. My specific case worker was extremely helpful. But alas, this is not an advertisement for the center. I was placed in a room alone, why there were two beds in that room I'll never know. The only stressful events there were seeing other people restrained and tranquilized. Some of them were sincerely helpless, and I hated nothing more but hearing them scream. It was nauseating to hear the kids scream before they were injected. One of the 'muscle men', the guys whose sole job was to carry unconscious patients, actually took pleasure in man-handling certain female patients. If they weren't holding a syringe of Thorazine over my head I would have stopped that person. I mostly just slept through everything, I didn't sleep well, being in a strange place and not knowing what was going to happen day after day. I met this one girl there however, whom I'll refer to as 'J', we were smitten with each other, until we shared out phone numbers which unfortunately was against the rules. When they found the phone number, they made us both do what they called 'writing assignments'. They were basically just glorified 'You ****** up' packets. I was released once and put in the day program, then I had a fight with my father and was put back in the in-patient program the next day. After more of the same routine (Wake up in the morning, Vitals taken, Breakfast, Group Therapy, School,Group Therapy, Recreation, Sleep) for another week or so, I was released. That was 6 years ago, not going back.
Soarian Soarian
18-21, M
Aug 9, 2007