Im An Idiot

it was about 11 am i was in the psych ward trhinking asbout how everything happended so fast,  i was feeling the big scar on my wrist and remembering how much of an idiot i am how i couldnt even kill myself. So the doctor came in an ask me why i did it? i told him why do you care? he said he doesnt thats his job to help me? i told him i dont want to talk about it so he sent me to my room and told me it was ok if i didnt want to talk about it. 10 days go by and  i realize the only way out of there is to lie and tell them im fine and im on this computer now so yeah it worked

francis101 francis101
1 Response Feb 18, 2009

Been there - realize that sometimes the patient is really the sane one and the doctors are idiots.