I Was Admitted When I Was 13

I was 13 and wanting attention. Instead of that, my mom admitted me to the adolesent physciatric sp? ward. Only after that experiance I worse. Once i was out I was on anti-depressants, and anti-anxiety pills called lorazepam. Those pills screwed me up
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2 Responses Jan 23, 2007

there's nothing wrong with bieng admitted to a psychiatric ward - especially if your mother didn't know what else to do.<br />
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but putting a 13 year old on any medications is something i think that is happening way too often. <br />
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i'm a residence counselor for people with severe and persistant mental illness, so i do know a little about this. <br />
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lorazepam is a controlled substance, and to put someone who is 13 years old on something like that isn't something i agree with in the slightest. <br />
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i'm no doctor, but i think a little counseling would've helped you a lot more than putting you on meds.<br />
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but lorazepam just makes people sleepy from what i've seen - how do you mean that it messed you up?

I'm so sorry that your parent decided to do that to you. It seems like, we are so forgiving and leanient towards our parents, and they are so cruel and judgemental toward us. Any parent who would put a child that younge in a phych ward must be severely mental.