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I was at the Menninger Clinic in 1964. I had been arrested (I later had the case sealed) and because I didn’t have enough money to either have the case tossed or found not guilty, I had to settle for a guilty plea and probation. If I had no money I would have gotten sent up the river for a long time. 

  The Judge said I was a candidate for probation because of my Honorable Discharge from the Army, excellent grades, and that this was my first arrest. BUT because a weapon (a knife) was involved I was to be taken to the Menninger Clinic and held for evaluation for sixty days. I could tell this was news to my Lawyer. Still better then prison.

I took a lot of test and talked to several nice Doctors. All well and good until the head psychiatrist tell me that I was a serious danger to society. He believed I was without compassion, that I was a sociopath. Worse, he was going to recommend to the Judge that I be placed in a mental institution or prison for as long as the law would allow. He told me that his decision was in my best interest as well as societies.

My thoughts at that moment would have put me away forever if there had been anyway this clinic could have known what I was thinking. I kept my cool and politely disagreed. I was careful not to look into his eyes. No matter what else happen, I knew that no one could be aloud to see my eyes. . I buried my head in my hands and pretended to cry. 

  I was taken back to court in handcuffs. My lawyer still insisted that I was not going to do time but I was concerned. The Judge saw me and said he valued the judgment of his staff and the guards at the jail. They all felt that I was not like the others. That I was friendly and showed real concern for everyone I met at the courthouse and jail.

He told me I had better stay out of trouble and stay in school. He also said I had better not ever come before him again. I promised both the Judge and myself that I will never be brought before any Judge any were ever again. I have kept that promise…DD             

Dewduster Dewduster
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I know you are kind hearted by nature, just so no one is being hurt.I like you a lot and share a story<br />
much like yours. Best of luck WarriorMom.Dewduster...DD

I agree with EccenticOne. Your very strong Dewduster. That must of really sucked. Having been in and out of hospitals myself for different reasons, I can appreciate your story. One time when I went to the hospital it have to do with rage in wanting/needing to kill 2 boys that hurt my babies. Sometimes I truely regret even today that I didn't do them in. I have to still watch my anger & rage tho, because it never totally disappears. I'm kind hearted by nature, just so no one is being hurt.

EccentricOne, yes. Ha! If I can make it then anyone can!...DD

Oh wow how strong you are. Stories like this from you is making me feel a bit better for tomorrow.

PriestAzrael, my life has been interesting at least. I have no regrets. Ha! I know you were able to read between the lines and understand the tru meaning of the last paragraph!<br />
<br />
If my story, in any way, is of some help to you then I am very glad…DD

wow, That could of been me (not realy) I guess that was a big enough shock to your system. being in restraint like that without freedom, I couldn't imagine it. the authoritarians, I would end up doing more damage inside than I would out.<br />
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It reminds me of the time the police arrested me for chasing my father down 2 blocks with a knife. Luckily, my step brother caught up with me and hid the knife just before they arrested me. Luckily enough my dad and I laughed it off and the police let us off.<br />
<br />
I am glad that my step-brother turned up when he did, otherwise I could of ended up in coockoo land.<br />
<br />
That is a heart warmer and a strike of anger, I am glad you have had such great control, over your body, and I also know how daunting it can be, to want to do something knowing full well you can't.<br />
<br />
I can now say this has been a good learning experiance for me reading this letter, as I know going to a place where I am not in control would be my personal Hell.<br />
<br />
p.s LMFAO at last paragraph.

I do have one nice memory from Larned. The Hospital's Dentist would sneak off and leave this wonderful aid in charge. She would send for me and **** my brains out. How could I refuse? I loved it because she was an enthusiastic older woman and we were pulling one over the authorities. <br />
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Let me tell you about my first few monuments at this place. I was taken to this auditorium and put on the stage. The head psychiatrist was lecturing a group of students. He was talking about me because he wanted them to see first hand a clever sociopath. I was sitting on a straight back chair with two guards standing behind me. He was talking about how dangerous and a real threat to society I was. I just sat there smiling. I winked at a couple of the prettier girls. <br />
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I was quiet until he started saying I was a repressed homosexual. I said “Excuse me sir. Is this your hypotheses or is it a fact? Because it has to be just a theory because you just met me. Let us try an experiment. I will chose these three beautiful young ladies to come up on the stage. You pick three of the men you find attractive and then we will have them take off their clothes. Then I will undress and we can see which way my **** points.” LMFAO! He had the guards take me to solitary. Fortunately I had a tooth ache and the rest is history…DD

Sage360, thank you very much. I guess they are better then the streets for some people. There is no good answer. <br />
<br />
I hope you are taking better care of your self. All I got from that place was a determination never to go back. <br />
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There is a far worse place in Kansas, or was in the 60’s. It was a state hospital called “Larned State Hospital, Kansas. I had to stay there for 90 days after Menninger. I didn’t include it in my story because that is one memory I try to forget…DD

I went to a Menninger clinic voluntarily and was put in a much more lenient program. Actually I didn't want to go, but my parents made me (I was in my late 30's). It started when they saw the condition of my apartment; I had become a slob because I was depressed. This place took forever to process our insurance. It had a very good reputation. I wonder why? They were pretty hard on me because I would keep going to the Coke machine on the grounds. I insisted on being checked out after 2 weeks with little improvement to my condition. More time would've messed me up. I know this has nothing to do with your experience, but it was the name of the clinic and I was intruiged by this. Do any of these places have any reason to them? Anyway, I wish you well and thanks for the story. You are a strong person.

when I visited my friend I'd always leave in tears.

Those places are often worse then the streets. What I despised most was there claim that they were “doing what was best for me”…DD

you turned it around well done glad you were not put there long term. Someone very special to me commited suicide in one on the 9th of may 2007 I miss him so much but I also can respect why he did it.

Thank you. Please note that I have worked hard to change. I am much better now...DD

this is an interesting story!