Visiting My Girl Frend

Many years ago when I was a student and 18 years old I awoke to find my girlfriend, who was 21, in bed beside me but I was unable to awaken her. From the empty bottles I realised she had taken an overdose. She was epileptic but did not like taking her medication. I never found out why, but that night she had taken the lot and a lot of paracetamol too. I got help and she was taken first to a general hospital and a few days later, when she had recovered from the worst effects, to a mental hospital for observation.  Visiting her was unreal, I felt some how responsible and wanted to help her but there was nothing I could do apart from be there.  I had never felt so helpless.

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The lady was lucky you were there for her and could raise the alarm

Hi, my name is olivia. I am doing a reasearch paper on "mental hospitals" and how unpleasant they are, although I have never been in one myself I have seen pictures, and heard negative comments about them. If it is possible for you to help me with this that would be great, all I need is some questions answered (and they would be better answered by someone with experience) Thank you for your time. :)

Thanks for your comments. It was a long time ago but I had never told the story to anyone before. My girlfriend recovered fully and I am fine. Great thing about EP is you can share your thoughts constructively here. Helps to join the fun experiences as well as the serious ones!

I checked myself in to one august of last year. I was having to many anxiety attacks, got sick of my behavior so was my man and my daughter. It changed my life those 5 days. I felt bad for the people in there too...alot of them were WAY worse than me...So, I know how it works.

don't! It wasnt in anyway your fault... I've done it and it was no ones fault I just felt so **** in myself... just support her, she'll come through!