Larned State Hospital, Kansas


If there is a place in this world that deserves the sign “Abandon Hope All Who Enter” it is “Larned State Hospital for the Criminally Insane, Kansas”.

I have written about the Menninger Clinic but not Larned because I don’t like most memories of Larned. They tried to break me.

They said they were going to get me to show my true colors. I have never been so polite in all my life. The psychiatrists were never fooled for a second but I was not going to give them any thing to show the Judge. I smiled. I looked bewildered. I skinned them alife in my dreams. I killed them over and over in my dreams. 

    I do have one nice memory from Larned. The Hospital's Dentist would sneak off and leave this wonderful aid in charge. She would send for me and **** my brains out. How could I refuse? I loved it because she was an enthusiastic older woman and we were pulling one over the authorities. 

    Let me tell you about my first few monuments at this place. I was taken to this auditorium and put on the stage. The head psychiatrist was lecturing a group of students. He was talking about me because he wanted them to see first hand a clever sociopath. I was sitting on a straight back chair with two guards standing behind me. He was talking about how dangerous and a real threat to society I was. I just sat there smiling. I winked at a couple of the prettier girls.  

I was quiet until he started saying I was a repressed homosexual. I said “Excuse me sir. Is this your hypotheses or is it a fact?  It has to be just a theory because you just met me. Let us try an experiment.

I will chose these three beautiful young ladies to come up on the stage. You pick three of the men you find attractive and then we will have them take off their clothes. Then I will undress and we can see which way my **** points.”

LMFAO! He had the guards take me to solitary. Fortunately I had a tooth ache and the rest is history…DD      

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This is the greatest story I've ever read in my life and I shall continue to come back and re-read this until it gets old. :) Thanks for sharing, dear.

They should save the citizens of Kansas a few dollars and close this facility at least the so called criminally insane section, they do nothing to rehabilitate the inmates it is nothing but a holding tank for mostly violent offenders who are trying to beat the system. I was involved in the takeover in 1965 which they do everything they can to discredit the fact that two inmates or patients can and did revolt against the so called psychiatric treatment facility I am indeed one who flew over the nest.

RB503 within the last year i have been to Larned state hospital on a clinical tour for nursing and have did a few clinicals there, i'm here to tell you it is not as bad as described. It's not rainbows and unicorns because it is a mental hospital there are always tough times but my experience there was great. I saw no mistreatment and idk how you could possibly get away with screwing the dental assistant because there is more camera's on that campus than I have ever seen in any given place in my life including prisons. I also have been in the dental part of Larned state and have noticed that there are just as many camera's in there as there are any other given place at the facility and I know that there are 2 guards that are assigned to watch the monitors on each unit and they can see everything. They showed us their screen so I have a hard time believing that they couldn't see a dental assistant screwing a patient. Also most patients have guard escorts so that would be very hard to get away with.

Omg, what an awful story! I have a daughter that recently got sent there, now im so very worried for her that she will be mistreated, and she is so far away from home. Its like a horrible movie.. I have been wondering how it is there, and hope and pray they will let her out of there and not be stuck in there. It amazes me how there can still be places like that in this day and age. I feel very sad now and worrie....

Is Larned that bad? I'm in Hutch and I need help. I know they won't keep me at the hospital as I don't have insurance, but will send me to Larned after the intial 72 hrs. My anxiety is so bad that not only is it hard to leave the house anymore, but sometimes I can't even move because I'm afraid that if I shift one inch one way or the other, I'm going to die. I'm at my wits end, but I don't wnat to be in Larned if it's that bad.

OMGODDESS pixelita, I have no idea what you said...I am just looking at your picture...DD

That was great DD.....Loved it!!!!!!!!!! :-)

janine68, Your avatar is unbelievable.<br />
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You have no profile, no stories, no experiences etc. <br />
<br />
Did you go to all the trouble to make your false “avatar” just to make your one and only commit on my post? <br />
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You are a dumb troll. Show some courage and use your actual avatar to try and discredit me, coward…DD

OMG, Iwould love to hear that tape. Learning tool you say, I hope you threw them a few zingers. <br />
<br />
Darn normals, they come up with the strangest ideas...DD

You are soooo interesting!!!! There are bits and pieces of your life that brings back memories of my own experiences. Stuff I rather not remember. But somehow it feels lighter when I can feel your energy. <br />
PS I've had the fun of being interviewed on tape to be used at the University as a learning tool. HA!

Of course you don’t have reason to be afraid of me because you are my friend. Regardless of how much I actually care I have sworn to behave as if I care and I will never knowingly harm a friend. As I said I was dieing of loneness and had to change to survive. You can believe I want to survive. In order to have friends I realized I had to be a good friend. Therefore I created the rule… I promise to not harm a friend. Ha! In general society’s rules don’t mean a thing to me. If I follow society’s rules it is only because I think they are to my advantage. <br />
<br />
Your questions: (1.) <br />
“It is my impression that sociopaths have no feelings or the concept of feelings. They are not necessarily born that way but they somehow lose concept of the emotions that others feel. First is that accurate?”<br />
(1a) <br />
Think of the bell curve. In general normals range of feelings will vary in intensity with the upper 75% from some to a lot. My guess is sociopaths are the lower 25% some to almost none. I don’t know if anyone has none. My guess is I was a low 5% before I worked hard to change. A simple way to spot sociopaths is to look at school pictures. Kids with a tendency to be sociopath almost never smile. Most sociopaths are usually sad and or bored a lot of the time. Sociopaths at the lower range don’t care that much for music. <br />
<br />
(2,) <br />
“It is my impression that sociopaths have no feelings or the concept of feelings. They are not necessarily born that way but they somehow lose concept of the emotions that others feel. First is that accurate?”<br />
(2a) Don’t use the above word “no feelings”. There are usually some feelings. There is evidence that low ability for feelings is heredity. Environment can dull existing feelings. Abuse can create a very dangerous sociopath as we tend to not have much compassion and often little in the way of a conscience. Truth is I have never had a conscience in that I have never regretted anything I have ever done. I even enjoy doing some things that might brother normals. <br />
(3.)<br />
“…emotional feelings involved in love and sex do you get those emotions within you? I mean do you feel lust, love, remorse, happiness, sadness? What is the spectrum of emotions that you feel?”<br />
(3a)<br />
I never loved in my life before I worked so hard to change at age 37. I think most sociopath are unable to love.<br />
<br />
After 27 years of marriage to a wonderful woman who understands me AND still loves me… I like her a lot…I behave as if I love her…Maybe I do…I know I am happy with her. I miss her when she is gone. I would never hurt her. God could not protect anyone who harmed her…yes, I love her. Sometimes though, I feel nothing. <br />
<br />
Sex and lust are strong, very strong, as if to compensate for the other feelings. Ha!<br />
<br />
Most of us don’t have a conscience. I have never felt remorse. <br />
<br />
Sadness is our greatest weakness. Often we have never been loved. I was never loved from the day I was born…Most don’t know what love is…<br />
<br />
In general we may have feelings of happiness and other emotions but they are fleeting at best. <br />
<br />
One point I want to make is some of us, me included, seek intense experiences in order to feel something. <br />
<br />
I am different then most sociopaths in that I am very spiritual and worship my Goddess. Ha! Of course She is the Dark Goddess but She accepts me. I think we all need some approval and acceptance…DD

I have told you many times that I am not frightened by your darkness nor will I ever be. I am your friend now and forever. I do have an interesting question for you as I am trying to understand... It is my impression that sociopaths have no feelings or the concept of feelings. They are not necessarily born that way but they somehow lose concept of the emotions that others feel. First is that accurate? And then if it is accurate when it comes to those emotional feelings involved in love and sex do you get those emotions within you? I mean do you feel lust, love, remorse, happiness, sadness? What is the spectrum of emotions that you feel?

Mondegreen, too true. I like who I am (((smile)))…DD<br />
<br />
kazwaz1977, it is worse in the lock up for the “criminally insane”. The threat was always there that if I lost control they could have kept me for Indefinite detention. I just kept to my story that I acted in self defense and I was sorry I took his wallet.<br />
<br />
I had no one to poll for me. I sometimes wonder if I would have been a sociopath if someone had ever pulled for me, ever once. Ha! I am much stronger because I took care of myself. I wonder though about all those who just folded. Would they have been better off in the streets?...DD

Very interesting - Dr Chilton (read Thomas Harris? lol) dropped a bollock when he chose you as his 'subject' eh? 'Let's see which way my **** points' - brilliant!<br />
When ste was sectioned, as far as the hospital was concerned, he was no longer subject to normal human rights. He didn't see a doc for SIX DAYS and a shrink for another 3!!! He's in the asylum and there's no psychiatrist available? Come on!!! Had to ring many times and argue with the staff on his behalf - ste said i was like his pit-bull - i wouldn't let go. In the end, i'd ask to speak to nurse Ratchett (read Stephen King?). I asked about a medication change and suggested amitriptylene - she replied ' that is an archaic, outmoded medicine we never use any more, to which i imformed her that i take them, as does my dad, as does a friend. And while we're on the subject of 'archaic' what the hell do you call ECT? Cutting ******* edge? Don't tell me about archaic, when you still do shock treatment! And what kind of hospital makes a sick person wait SIX DAYS to be seen? Why don't you ******* trepanne him and have done with it?! She didn't know what i meant, which just goes to show...i also reported a cleaner and a nurse who were overheard talking about the '******* loonies' - is that appropriate in a mental ward? Also, when you went to visit, they treated you like you were second-class and the patients were third class. I suspect if i hadn't also heard the '******* loonies' reference, they'd have said he imagined it or something. It's a horrible place to be, full of staff devoid of humanity, empathy or compassion in my opinion.

Great Story DD and so true to you. At least you proved his theory about being an example of a 'clever' sociopath. :D

Hi koyptakh, actually I am not very normal. Ha! What the old head psychiatrist said about me was mostly true, except the suppressed homosexual part. I was true sociopath. <br />
<br />
Later though I did work hard to develop some feelings toward others and I took an oath to never knowingly harm a friend. This has worked. I now have friends and a family…DD

Hi Dewduster <br />
what an interesting story. It made me think of Solzhenitsyn! Is Kansas in 1950's Russia? What a strange way for people to behave - you too - no slight intended. Normal people behave strangely in strange situations. What are they thinking of to create such a strange environment for all concerned including students. The dental aid should be put in charge immediately.<br />

balboaguy, thank you guy. Why are you feeling guilty? I have never felt guilty in my life. I just don't think about things I have done. I wonder what it is like, does feeling guilty ever stop you from doing whatever again?...DD

Thank you AndrewPenney. Power courpts and these humans felt justified in what they were doing. i could never go back-not even to play...dd

Oh DD you did make me laugh when you made your "point" in the lecture hall.<br />
<br />
Way to go man, and the dentist .... brilliant !