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Nearly Taken In!!!

 i have been to a mental hospital, although it was just to see a doctor from the hospital at the time!! i was having a bad time of it back then!!! i had just lost 2 of my grandparents within a year, i had a gambling problem, debt, my father had just been diagnosed with terminal cancer, and i had nearly commited suicide,  been and i felt depressed!!! bad times!!! i saw a doctor at the hospital, and she just put me on anti depressants, and i went to counselling for my gambling problem, and i hit the gym to try lose weight!!! and the past year or so has been ok!!! good times!!! lol, and im feeling a lot better!!!! i dont know what i would have done had i actually been admitted to hospital!!! but im glad i never!!!

cowshed123 cowshed123 31-35, M Jan 2, 2010

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