Get Kicked Out

i have been to a mental hospital twice once when i was 15 i was there after trying to kill myself 5times i dont remember much of the first day i went in but been interviewed for ages when they asked how i got the marks on my arm i laughed and said i feel on a razor a 100 times what the f*** did they think they came from.most of the other people there were OK and I'm still friends with some we were only allowed 6 smokes a day that time it was hell on earth we done groups everyday that were boring i went to sleep alot one of the first things they done was take me off my medication which really didn't help most staff were OK most of the time ut we were always so so bored with nothing to do i spent 5months in there til i got out i left the say way i went in only difference was that i was 16 after 2weeks of been out i tried to kill myself again needless to say that place hadn't helped me one bit they when i was 17 i was sent back smoking was down to 4 a day no way could i handle that smoked out my window and got in so much trouble i was really depressed and wont get out of bed but they seen this as me going against there rules the groups i did attend annoyed me when i did break down a few times they done nothing i ran about for 5 hours going mad they only done something when i attacked myself with a broken mirror only then did they medicate me i cried and cried for ages that day but they done nothing they were some very nice staff who would go to the end of the earth for you and i will be thankful to them i ended up getting kicked out of the hospital because they had once again taken me off my medication i took a whole bottle of Prozac don't know if it had anything to do with it but i broke down again i trashed the place along with some other patients everything was broken i smoked out the window in front of them and then i self harmed in front of people i was taken off the ward were i was laughing my head off i was off on one when i did calm down i got depressed again and rocked and rocked but that didn't last long and i then broke into their office taking a sharpener they all came after me i did give it back the next day i was then told i had to leave but they didn't know if i would be back i screamed crying i couldn't leave i wasn't ready surly the events had shown that i was promised a meeting the nest week but on the day of the meeting i was told not to come back they really did make a mistake i got out and lost it I've been out a month now if i could have changed that day and control myself i would have maybe i would have got better but i will never know i do have some very good memories of there we had many food fights once there was a new nurse and we swapped names and she made me get into someone else bed great times

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Wow, you were on fire!

hey blacksabeth yes i would definitally give you premission to use my story in your book if you need anymore stories or details let me know triedto comment on your profile but its blocked talk soon and thanks for the comment Xx