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I've been in a mental hospital; not as a patient, as a visitor. There used to be Christmas parties where my mum worked and I was allowed to join in. I was only little at the time, and saw the patients for who they are: people. I enjoyed these parties because there was always plenty of food and I liked making people laugh! Some of them were really lovely. The moral to my story is that people suffering from mental illnesses are still humans just like everyone else.
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hi ! very true ! :-)

indeed we are human, even when we don't feel like it. good for you for not being a shallow *****.

i dont know if your mom would have taken you if you lived back before they had medication for most illnesses. not saying that mental patients arent people too. ive also been in 3 times.

I was in one in, Nashville. I'm only 15 it was about 4 months ago. It was a very depressing place and sometimes scary( there was a creepy 17 year old guy that wants to kill people who well at him). It wasn't very fun rather boring. It leaves you with memories burned into your brain. But if you need the help go, the get you on medicine and you have alot of therapy.

Oh, thank you! ^-^

Very much so. We are only human just like anyone else. Everybody has their flaws and nobody is perfect. But that is no reason for the ignorant masses to judge somebody for simply having a chemical imbalance in their brain.

I suppose only the health professionals who work with someone on a regular basis would know something like that.

Yep! There are mental ill people everywhere- they still has good souls and bad ones.

people are so quick to judge that which the do not understand. you are a darling for keeping your mind open to mental illness. I grew up knowing a few mentally challenged kids. I've seen 1 taken advantage of before my 7 yr old eyes. my dad several years ago was a maintainance man at duvall home in fla. he has a loving heart for those kids. we need to remember, our children are learning from our actions, and words. I applaud your mom...and I applaud you. what an angel you have been.

I loved sitting in the "day room" and watching the nursing students come in all scared shitless. Thinking we were going to make lampshades (courtesey of chelseacollector) out of them! Oh I have been in three times.

Haha me too! It's nice to see someone else looking freaked out in there than your fellow patients.

It is wonderful to read that you have this attitude, Angel! My generation grew up with an entirely different view of the mentally ill: that they were dangerous and no longer worthy of membership of the human race, and had to be shunned and kept locked up. I am so pleased that younger people like yourself are able to see past the awful stereotypes. Thank You for sharing this inspiring story.