I Hate The Crazy House

Ugh i'm in an adolescent ward (on overnight leave at the mo)  and its so horrible! They pretty much force us to watch TV and when the TV finally distracted everyone, it would be turned off so that we could all be accused of taking cutlery from the kitchen, we cant socialise in a group of any more than 3 people, they nagg us into going to education, the food is almost always served with leek, for the first 2 months i was there we werent aloud into the courtyard, the night staff would talk really loud, keeping me up, and everytime i tried to shut my door they would open it so that they could watch me, even though i was on general obs, the staff ignored everyones needs when they were struggling and when they werent struggling and having a good time the staff would make stupid rules about laughing too much, if the night staff didnt keep you up, the other patients would with their constant screaming and swearing and pulling the fire alarm at 6am and GOD I ******* HATE THAT PLACE!!!

Oh and the room searches bugged me the most. The rooms were searched once a week (not very well, i must say. One time i had a load of sharp pieces of plastic layed out on the desk because i had forgotten to put them in my pocket and i had a phone charger that i had smuggled into my room. They took the phone charger and left the plastic) but if they caught you self harming they would search it and take EVERYTHING off you. When mine got searched they took all my clothes off me, they changed my sheets for blankets, they wont let me shut my door at night, they locked my bathroom, and took everything i could possibly have self harmed with. 3 weeks on and i have only just got my earphones back and found out that a pair of my shoelaces had gotten 'misplaced' by one of the staff. The bedtimes annoyed me as well.

Bedtime was at 10pm except on friday and saturday, when it was 10.30pm and lights out was 11pm. One time we were laughing and being hyper in the lounge and one of the staff came up and told us to calm down and said 'you wouldn't do this at home.' to which i replied 'we also wouldnt go to bed at 10pm but we still do that here!' and when everyone started laughing we were told that from then on we werent aloud to laugh as much anymore. No wonder the place was so depressing! We were supposed to be woken up at 9am in the morning each day but the majority of the time, the staff just forgot and one time, one of the staff woke everyone up at 7.30am. everybody was grouchy that day.

There were some funny times when we just used to annoy the staff to death. On my second day i had to get my bloods done and when the nurse told me to put the tissue over the mark to stop it bleeding, i just hovered it over because i was trying to bleed and the staff outside the door was like 'put it ON the mark! PUT IT ON THE MARK!!!' i just kept it hovering so then she was like 'OH FOR ***** SAKE!' and pushed it onto my arm. I almost peed myself laughing.

Another time me and one of the other girls organised pretty much everyone to press their bed alarm at 11.08pm and start screaming 'Barry Scott's wearing my thong!' I didn't think anyone would do it but 7 of us were all yelling it and someone actually ran down the corridor with a pillowcase on their head whilst screaming it which was just hilarious. Afterwards we all got told that we were selfish and that we had upset a girl because of the noise (we hadnt upset her, shes just an attention seeker that everyone, even the staff, just try to ignore)

We annoyed eachother as well. 4 of us became obsessed with watching the welsh channel so we would put it on, take the batteries out of the remote and act totally clueless whenever someone tried to change channel. We also managed to keep Russia Today on for 4 hours before someone actually realised that non of us were watching it. But the TV was disgraceful. All the other wards had Sky whilst we got stuck with freeview, and half the time everything on was rubbish so we ended up listening to th same songs over and over and over again on the music channels.

The TV was pretty much the only entertainment that didnt get you labelled as 'selfish'. Forms of entertainment that did get you called selfish or stupid were: Blanking staff, sticking your leg out of the window whenever someone walked past, shouting 'nipples' out of the window whenever someone walked past, throwing playing cards out of the window, bouncing on the sofa, pushing the ceiling up, peeling the tinted sheet off the window, jumping on the beds at 3am (which has the worlds most uncomfortable matresses. Seriously, sleeping on concrete would have been more comfortable!), smearing blue toothpaste on the wall, sticking empty cups in the cupboard where the cleaning stuff was kept., drawing stick men on your wall,  writing rude words on your face, rubbing out letters on the menu to create a completely different one (e.g 'vegetable bake' would become 'table' and 'hotdog with onions' would become 'dog') and walking into everyones bedrooms swearing at the top of your lungs at 8am on a wednesday morning. TV gets boring after a while...

Mealtimes were ridiculous because there were 3 small tables with 4 chairs each and it was a 10 bedded unit. This means that if the unit was full and there were 5 people on something other than general obs (which it was at one point), it meant that not everyone could sit down. Clever people :S.

Obs (observation) worked like this: Level 1 obs is just general obs where everyone gets checked every half an hour, level 2 obs is checked either every 5, 10 or 15 minutes depending on what the staff decide, level 3 obs is always within eyesight which everyone is on for at least 24 hours when they first arrive, level 4 obs is always within arms length, level 5 obs is 2 staff always within arms length and we guessed anything further than that would be restraint. There was one point though where there was 3 people on level 3, one person on level 4 and one person on level 5. There were like NO staff free at all and it stayed that way for about a month and then it suddenly went down to one person on level 4 and 2 people on level 2 and there were so many staff it was a miracle.

The staff were all mental too. You could be talking to them and having a good laugh and then theyd be like 'tidy this mess up!' or 'stop swinging on the chair!' and suddenly be really strict. Once, I was doing a CBT session with my doctor and i said 'im starting to make really good friends here' and he replied 'that good but  the downside of making friends here is that they could leave in a few weeks' and he was the one telling me I'M the one who can only think of the negatives!

The staff were really fun when they were nice though coz there was a girl called Rosie who had worked as temporary staff but was switching to support worker and for a week before she became a support worker she was a supernumary, so the only thing she could do for the week was go to the vending machine or make drinks. During a CM (community meeting) the staff that was hosting was going round everyone saying 'Peter, would you like to say anything?' 'Katy, would you like to say anything?' 'Juliette, would you like to say anything?' 'Rosie, would you like to get us some drinks?' after a very insulted look she went and got us all some hot choclate and tea, hense she got the nickname 'skivvy'

For a few weeks we all became obsessed with the 20Questions electronic things and one of the staff had a go and we were all like 'think of ANYTHING and it will guess it right!' so she went through it and a few mins later she yelled 'I tricked it! Woohoo! It said i was thinking of a tower!' and we said 'what were u thinking of?' and she said 'a defibrillator machine' and we all went 'give the poor thing a chance!'

Other than that the days just seemed to drag and by 6pm you'd lived enough for the day. Everyone was on meds so nothing exciting really happened except someone would scream 'get off me' whenever the staff restrained them. I sat in the adult smoking area once with one of the staff and there was a guy and we thought he was talking on the phone. He wasnt. Just to himself :). One of the girls who i had become really good friends with suffered from psychosis and she strangled one of the staff because she thought she was the devil. Its a good job it was a staff member that everyone hated.

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But it's completely do able. You can get what you deserve in them.

Those places can be tough. I suffer from Psychosis myself, so I know how hard it can be to keep a level head.

What a young pup.<br />
<br />
I learned fast not to annoy the staff but to mold and shape them into giving you privileges. <br />
<br />
However I am much older and it was like a vacation for me.

wow this has some really good details!<br />
<br />
i nearly nearly NEARLY went into one. But yet i said therapy, instead.