Better Than S T R I P P I N G

Back in the early days when I was s t r i p p i n g, I met this beautiful girl after one of my shows. She had been to a few male s t r i p shows and was hooked. We got together after she suggested that, for a bit of experience, I should s t r i p for her friends. She knew how much I loved looking at naked women, and how turned on I would get when I was nude in front of horny women, so she decided that, when she turned 18 (6 months away) she would too become a s t r i p p e r.

And because we both loved being naked in front of others, we started spending days at the nude beach. Both of us loved taking off our clothes and walking around naked in front of members of the opposite sex, while at the same time being surrounded by so many naked people. Most of the people there were men, and men aren't always subtle when they are looking so my girlfriend knew which men to walk slowly past and give a show to. Both of us loved the water, because it gave everyone the chance to watch us both walk naked back to our towels.

Anyway, we heard about an organized day at a nude beach which were called the Nude Games. When we arrived there were more people than usual, and thankfully a lot more naked women. We had fun doing things like 3 legged races and piggy back races and things like that. then they announced that they were having a Miss Nude and Mr Nude competition and looking for entrants. My girlfriend suggested that we enter, so we did.

There were 6 male entrants and 4 female entrants. We asked the 3 male judges of the females what they were looking for and they told us judge 1 was judging b o o b s, judge 2 was judging a s s and judge 3 was judging overall. The 3 female judges said judge 1 was judging overall, judge 2 was judging a s s and judge 3 was judging d i c k s.

We were all put into a tent together where, out the front, they had a little bit of a catwalk set up on the sand for us. The girls went first and one by one they walked out to loud cheers. I wish I had been outside to see that because they were all beautiful girls, but at least I got to see them all in the tent. I must admit I found it quite homophobic to be standing in a tent naked, with 5 other naked men.

Then the girls came back and it was our turn. One by one the men were called out to loud cheers from the admiring women. I was last and just before I was called, one of the women looked at my **** and said, "You will probably win this". Then the other girls, including my girlfriend, all looked at my d i c k and agreed. It was such a turn on to have 4 beautiful naked women looking at my d i c k, that I got such a tingly feeling in my d i c k and I was so worried that I was going to get a hard on as i went out for my turn. Then they called my name.

I walked out of the tent and could not believe what happened next. I was turned on enough at being naked, and having all these naked women look at me. But the first thing I saw was that all the women had come to the front for the men, and so the front row of people all along the catwalk were naked women. I had never seen so many naked women together. women of all ages, all sizes, that were all naked and all wanting to get a look at naked men. They screamed and cheered when I came out, it was impossible not to play up to the crowd.

This was the best feeling, better than dancing naked in front of a crowd of horny drunk women. There I was, dancing naked in front of a crowd of naked women. I was so turned on, and when a naked woman reached out and grabbed my d i c k I could no longer help myself. My d i c k got instantly hard and I had to finish my routine with the hardest d i c k. That only made the women scream more (despite what they tell you about e r e c t i o n s and nude beaches).

Anyway They would not give us the results of the competition til the end of the day, so it was a case of more games, more races and more naked fun. Throughout the afternoon, many women came and told me they thought I would win, that I should win, or that I had a nice p e n i s. I even had a couple of offers of s e x or a b l o w j o b. there were people who asked for photos, but I would only take them if I was with females, no males. And my girlfriend was happy to pose with as many men as she could. As she said, it was the first step to being a s t r i p p e r...oh no, I told her, this was so much better.

We continued to visit nude beaches together, and loved every experience. My girlfriend did her first live s t r i p show on her 18th birthday.

Spending the day at a nude beach with your partner is some of the best foreplay you can have
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Dec 7, 2012