Yep I Have...

It was completely by accident too.. lol Found an amazing beach.. Perfect.. sheltered, secluded, and the beach was clean.. So me and the then hubby decided to hike down to it.. There was wasn't very many people.. So I liked that too.. As we were walking we passed to girls in bikinis sunbathing.. So I still didn't think anything.. I was even thinking about bringing my kids back cuz it seemed perfect for them also.. Anyways, we come around this little jut of rock and I'm looking at the water.. My husbands like is that guy naked.. I'm like I don't know.. So as we walk closer I realize that the guy is completely nude sunbathing.. I was like omg, never seen anything like that before.. Then as I look down the beach I notice that the people that I saw playing volleyball before were actually indeed naked.. I was like oh wow.. I wasn't going to join them and I felt like a voyeur for being fully dressed.. So we quickly left.. Needless to say I did not bring my kids to that beach.. lol I found the experience to both humurous and enlightening.. I still smile when I think about it.. :-)
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Ha... lol... If you only saw what I did... LMAO!!!! You would not be askin' that question.... :)

Just a small question, did that little experience make you hot that day? :-)

intrepidtraveler.. I like your perspective on that.. I actually totaly agree with you, cuz what you have said makes total sense..<br />
<br />
But I think it would be different if your kids were raised around it.. Therefor they would be immune and would think nothing of the nudity.. Where as my girls would be shocked and possibly scarred by it.. and that's just because they have been raised conservatively.. not because there is anything wrong with it..<br />

nudeinva and IndyJoe beat me to it. A nudest is not there for titalation. Go buy a Playboy. A nudest is there for the lifestile. Nudesm does not equate with sex maniac. We are everyday people who enjoy the nudest life style. If you don't like nudests, stay the hell away from us.

Thank you IndyJoe for saying what I was trying to say so much better and clearer!

shinobijoe.....It is precisely people like you that is why My wife and I have no desire to visit a nude beach. Nudists (true nudists) do not go nude around other people to look or to be looked at. We are there to enjoy the experience of being nude and sharing that with others. Yes, we "see" other people's bodies, that is unavoidable. But we dont pay much attention to whether they are young or old, short or tall, male or female, fat or thin, hairy or get the point. We are all just PEOPLE who just happen to not be wearing any clothes. We actually try not to be around voyuers or anyone else who is only there mostly for sexual gratification of any kind. A secluded and/or private nude beach would be something we might consider, but never a public one. I agree with everything nudeinva said. I say to each his own....but we really dont wish to be around you any more than you'd wish to be around us.

Too bad dvijay. There are plenty around the world, so yo may have to travel further east to Australia to enjoy yourself completely free!

I like being nude.In india there are no nude clubs,as far as I know.But if there is any I would surely like to join it.

Lol... That's too funny...<br />
At least you're ohnest.. :-) I like that..<br />
Also good cover with the magazine angle..

Dude, I am nude and chilled! :-)

nudeinva you need to chill the **** out. Yeesh. I was just ******* around as usual. Anyway, it really isn’t the age that is hard to look at, it’s the obesity. But everyone has their own opinion. If you like looking at fat, gelatinous *****, go right ahead, I prefer seeing average to hot people on the beach with us...<br />
<br />
Yep, we do go. Not so much after our daughter was born because, well, exposing her to that **** isn’t exactly in the game plan. We do drink and bring drinks with us as well as smoke some weed. It’s a fun time and I like when people admire my wife’s sexy *** body ;^)

carriewpd.. I like your take on it.. :-)<br />
I could run around naked on a beach with my man.. But not with a bunch of strangers.. Idk... lol I'd be all pink from blushing... lol Then I'd be like crap there goes my tan.. lol<br />
<br />
ShinobiJoe... So you and your wife do go to nude beaches? Idk.. If I could do it.. Maybe after a few drinks.. Then I could.. lol ;-)

That happens sometimes too. We've been somewhat lucky in that regard. Although my wife's physique is somewhat of a rarity at some of them though...

I was not personally making fun of it..<br />
I was just describing my experience with a nude beach.. It is the one and only one I have been too..<br />
Yes, you are right there were not many people there.. So I'm assuming the beach is not very well known..<br />

If you go to nude beaches that are highly popular, there are people of all sizes shapes and the like. If you think that nudes are beautiful sculpted individuals, that is not the case. They are people (like myself) who are comfortable in our skin, that are not worried about what others think of us and feel completely free and unshackled being nude.<br />
<br />
As for the boobs sagging and balls flapping, you too will have those same effects on your bodies so watch at what you laugh at because when it comes about it will be disappointing for yourself. As for this beach being men only, it could have been that few people go to it and all in all, there are more men at nude beaches than women.<br />
<br />
If you enjoy nudity then have fun with it. However making fun of it shows IMHO ignorance and most of all fear of their own body by those who make such disparaging remarks!

Lol.... Ewww...<br />
No thanks..<br />
No most of the men that I saw were not the most desirable.. lol and there were no women... I ran for the hills.. lol

I don't think I could bring myself to a public beach and bare it all, but a private one might work. I would no doubt be the voyeur for a while at the public beach!

Yeah, especially with the nasty *** messes that usually frequent those places... all bending over in weird ways and what not just to show off their stuff. Old balls a flappin, **** a saggin... Unfortunately, we're not always the norm...

It all depends on how your raise your children. If you raise them conventionally, then it would be a shock from their usual world, if you raise them in a nude environment, then no problem. Nude beaches are not for exhibitionist, because it is for naturalist. If you want to be an exhibitionist, then go elsewhere!

Hey.. lol I was an accidental voyeur... lol As far as exhibitionism, hmmm I wouldn't go that far.. I am just comfortable with my body.. No kids do not belong on a nude beach.. My poor girls would be scarred for life.. lol

But I agree, I'm not a big fan of bringing kids there...

Nude beaches are awesome for exhibitionists/voyeurs like us...

Cowboy.. I thought I had... lol Told you everything else.. :-)<br />
nudeinva.. Yes the beach was beautiful... Just not so much for me.. lol Unless I wonder around in the dark.. lol

Funny, but they are great beaches!'ve never told me this story!