Many Times!

I have been to many nude beaches. There are some really good ones in the UK. My first ever was Studland in Dorset but since then we've been to many others. There are official ones but we've also gone naked on quiet ones where no one bothers. The north west of Scotland and the islands have fantastic deserted beaches. The air temperature can cause goose pimples but the water is actually warm once you're in. And you can spend hours wandering along empty sand completely naked collecting coral and tropical shells! This always comes as a surprise to friends when I tell them. For warm beaches where everyone is naked, Spain and the Canaries are great. Walk out of almost any resort and the beaches simply become less and less clothed, especially the Canaries. We've been naked in Holland, Frane and Germany. We've ******** in Croatia, but the beaches are fine gravel. We've even ******** off in the USA. Playalinda in Florida. Our two children have often accompanied us. I've never been to a nude beach alone. Always with my husband, or more recently, just with my daughter.

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6 Responses Mar 16, 2009

******** in Coatia and Motenegro. Loved it.

Studland ahhh, we all seem to have been there. My first time was with a GF, previous to marriage. We had spent a day or two down the prude end and said, sod it why not! By the second day of being naked I was walking the shore happy to be free. Shame she got pestered while I was walking and was heading back to the clothed side. Had to run to catch her so stayed closer to the sea (away from the dunes) after that. Just me on my own since those days as the wife doesn't get naked. Lets just hope the Canaries this year changes it as there is less chance of her seeing someone she knows!

I like Studland and spend much of the summer there when I can. I usually walk from the ferry in trunks or a thong, and can't wait to reach the first marker when I can be free. Wish I could live there and be naked all year round- but perhaps that would spoil the treat?

Been to Studland too. Easy train ride to Bournemouth then a short bus ride to the beach. The water was sooo cold the day I went but the sun was warm.

often visit nude beaches in the UK myself, though frequently alone as my wife prefers not to at leastshe is happy for me to go alone I suppose. Can't think of anything I would rather do than spend the day nude outdoors swimming walking or whateer just relaxng having fun.

The EUR is very lucky to have a lot of nude, or at least topless beaches. Nudity is just more commonly accepted there.