I love nude beaches!

I've been to nudist and 'free' beaches several times now both in Europe and in the UK.  It started from when I wore skimpy, tight and see-through thongs and g-strings to secluded beaches where I knew that anything went.  With almost every visit I wore my new thong or g which was delberately skimpier, tighter and more see-through than the last pair.
As I'm a bit of an exhibitionist and I love to show off my arse and penis, it wasn't a big step to discard my sheerest g-string, go nude and bare it all!  What I dodn't realise was that the sensation of everything on full view to any woman who wanted to look and with nowhere to hide my excited glistening penis and no way to stop it growing even stiffer was truly electric. 

I love being with others of both sexes who either don't care what they are showing and who are exhibitionists themselves as well.  I also love to check out fit young women and steal glances at their exposed puss*ies arses and breasts.  I really love women with who shave smooth or trim their pubic hair to a real narrow landing str-ip above their gash.  I can't help thinking smooth is best, but a really short and narrow trimmed bit of dark hair right above the slit can make the gash appear longer.  A nicely trimmed line of hair also draws your eyes right to her most sexual part even better than an arrow pointing at her gash!

Smooth and trimmed are both a real turn on and I absolutely love the way this fashion means these sexy chicks have ho intention of hiding anything and just couldn't anyway.  Just thinking about walking past all those young fit women with smooth snatches sunbathing on their backs gets me really really excited.  Many girls can't resist touching themselves and I'm sure quite a few make sure their lips are opened up as they caress and brush off the sand.  

Even better, there are always loads of horny women who love to lie there with their legs spread unbelievably wide apart, with their swollen outer lips blushed red and split even wider open.  Its a real turn on when you see a girl like this with her most intimate inner fleshy folds and sensitive clitoris standing way clear of her outer lips and her gorgeous love tunnel even starting to open up.  Some don’t care how horny they look!  They seem to be turned on flaunting their hot wide-open slits!  Even better when you spy a real babe with her wide open pinkish sn-atch glistening all over with sun oil.  Or is she really covered in oil to hide her oozing juices!   And its a real thrill to spot a chick with a pierced cl-it or rings through her labia!

I walk by with my snaking penis slapping from side to side and my knob just starts to glisten wet, stiffen and climb up to horizontal.  These chicks are clearly as excited at being nude and displaying everything as I am and I don't mind showing my stiffened excitement either!! 

Oh and of course I love the girl who lies on her front with her arse nicely on show.  Its not unusual to see a girl lying there with her legs incredibly wide and angled so that her butt crack is spead wide and she's showing her gorgeous puckered little sphincter.   Of course she wants an all over tan with no white bits anywhere, but I’m sure that secretly she wants to make sure that not even her sexy anus is hidden from passing males.  I love to see a gorgeous brown eye peeping out between her perfectly rounded and stretched apart butt cheeks.  Its as if these girls want to show all their most intimate and erotic bits, teasing all those co-cks, perhaps she's even signalling that even the last  taboo - anal sex - isn't out of bounds.  I hope isn't!  Sometimes you can even see her sphincter trembling with her overwhelming orgasmic excitement and she just looks like she desperately wants a good arse reaming!

I love the shy nervous girl who lies on the beach topless in her thong or g-string bottoms for ages before going for a swim.  The sight of her juicy tanned arse 'covered' in nothing more than the 2 narrow strings of a tiny T or V back is enough excitement.  There’s not even a square inch of material covering her hot little bare arse!  Its fantastic when the front is so narrow it only just covers her gash. 

I just love it when she gets up for a swim and pulls the sides arse-splittingly tight up her arse crack.  The front slips up her love hole and the T back changes to a highly stretched Y!!  I imagine the back-strap rubbing tightly against her sphincter.  These girls just need to bend over to show how the strap nicely dissects her anus, frequently you can even see the puckering of her bum hole showing on each sides of the tight strap.  It's fascinating to me because many of these same girls were busy digging the down-strap out of their arses only minutes before. 

But now it needs to be real tight up her arse for a swim!  Her arse cheeks just look like they are munching at the down-string and I'm hoping it'll get chewed in two and fall off!   But no need to hope as with a new sense of 'now or never' daring she walks back from the sea with her heart pounding, her glistening wet nude body on show to everyone and her last piece of clothing - her skimpy flimsy piece of butt floss - now dangling loosely in her hand!  I love seeing the first time nudist who's excited at being nude herself and just can't take her eyes off all the co*cks and hardons on show.  The sheer wild excitement shows in her eyes and she just can't get enough of all the glistening wet penises on show. 

I love just as much the confident nudist who strips down as soon as she arrives and with no tanlines to spoil the view she immediately props herself up on her elbows to check out the schlongs!  I love to see nipple, labia or cl*it piercings glinting in the sun.  I love watching nude couples oiling each other all over and fondling each over while the guy tries to control his growing excitement.   I adore watching girls walk by with their breasts jiggling around.  Their pert and pointy erect nipples surrounded by large brown areolas perform a sort of up and down and side to side dance. 

Where possible I try to get a position near the shore so that any females walking along the waterline will get a really good look at my co-ck!  It also means chicks further back on the beach going for a swim have to pass my position too and I can watch them frolick in the water.  At the front I also get to see their arse and cu-nny as thay pass both ways.  I just love to watch them walk or jog by and see their bare arses shimmer with oil and water, my eyes glues on their butt cheeks as they flex, ripple and sway from side to side, watching the dimples in their lovely brown butt cheeks move from one buttock to the other as each tenses and relaxes. 

Its truly fantastic to see a gorgeous chick with a deep even tan over her back and arse and absolutely no trace of any white bits, showing she's no stranger to nudist beaches.  I do like a well defined tanline of a high-sided ultra skimpy thong or the spaghetti thin lines of a g-string outlined on a fit arse.   I just love a tasty pert and firm arse, I love a finely chiseled deep and wide arse crack between two nicely rounded and petite buttocks on a really fit babe.  I lie there and think how great it would be if she let me rim her sphincter and really bang the sh-it out of her tight little anus!  Lying face up on the beach watching all of these chicks go by just gets my co*ck really excited!  If I'm very lucky there are loads of young women who are in and out of the water all the time, some stay for ever playing ball games and  bending right over in front of me to pick up a ball!  I love the feel of my tingling shaft as it starts to thicken as nearly all the babes take a good look at my penis on the way back up the beach.  I like to stay on my back until I see I'm getting dangerously close to an erection when I turn over and carrry on watching.

The first time nude was truly exciting and as soon as I undressed and lay on my back my penis immediately started to stiffen.  I remember that first time, I spent more of my time lying on my front to hide an almost perpetual hardon!!  I would nearly always lie with my legs spread wide and flat whether I was on my front or my back.  The warm breeze on my buttocks and penis was enough to keep me excited.  The feeling of not having a stitch on was really electric and all my senses were heightened, my heart pumping as fast as it could!  In fact on that particular beach I was also excited knowing that I could be seen from the coastal path.  The path wasn't busy but a considerable number of walkers and voyeurs strolled past all the time.  Many stopped for ages to spy.  I bet a few photos were taken of me lying there in full glory!! 

I became more daring and confident in my next visits.  One time I remember going for a swim to cool off my excitement but the thrill of swimming in the nude meant I came out of the water just as excited if not more so.  My penis was already thickening, pointing forward but still downwards and bobbing from side to side as I walked back to my towel.  I had to walk right past a group of 2 or 3 really fit looking nude girls and I could feel my penis tingle as the excitement grew.  My penis started to stiffen even more.  Naturally most women on a nude beach love to see a long thick penis and if it isn't the main reason they go to a nudist beach its certainly always a pretty good bonus!  So I could see they were having a good look and their eyes were having an even greater effect on my penis.  As I passed the girls I glanced down and by now my shaft was pointing out at 70 or even 80 degrees almost straight out in front of me with the tip pretty much bared and deep red.  As I got back to my towel I was probably way above horizontal, I don't know for sure as I tried not to look down but it must have been because a young couple further away kept up my thrill as they watched my entire walk from the sea.

One of the best times was when there was a forest fire nearby and an airplane banked flew low over the beach several times after filling up with water in the sea nearby.  It was really exciting to think that the aircrew who may well have been mixed could see me lying there with my penis thick and semi hard and clearly visible.  Every time they flew back for more water my penis started to thicken and throb again at the thought of their low flight over.  I stayed on my back each time  they flew low just pretending to be asleep.

I spent most of my time sunbathing on my back with my legs wide apart showing off my thick, purple red and glistening penis on my thigh and lower belly.  Whenever I tried to think of something else my penis would subside and let out some juices but as girls passed there would soon be another rush of excitement and I could feel my penis start to thicken and lengthen.  As it grew, my schlong would turn a noticeably deeper ruby  red and I could almost feel the blood rush into my penis.  As wave after wave of excitement hit my knob, my penis would throb and pulse, making my growing shaft slide and spring further up my thigh and belly leaving a trail of even more slime behind it.  I didn't dare let it get to a full erection so I still turned over whenever it grew too much.  Many times I had to stay on my front as my penis just carried on throbbing until it was completely upright and stiff!  So I lay face down with my legs apart.

Last year I went nude on an official nudist beach in the UK and as the beach was filled with lots of nudists and hot women it was a real struggle to remain in control.  By now I'd started to shave my pubic hair so that my balls and penis were accentuated even more.  For the first time I would lie there for a measured amount of time on each side to sunbathe evenly rather than turn over simply to hide an erection.  When I was on my back I laid out flat as always but this time I placed my penis pointing down between my legs.  As gravity meant it couldn't quite rise above the horizon I stayed on my back for longer as I knew that it wouldn't grow into a hardon even though I was very excited.  That was probably obvious to anyone nearby who would see my thick shaft pointing at my toes between my widely spread legs dribbling occasionally on my towel!!    As I looked between my legs I could see a group of guys and girls in their late teens playing soccer.  One of the guys had a huge thick knob hanging and slapping about between his legs.  Although he wasn't hard he was obviously excited and the fit girls obviously loved it and always managed to collide and touch him all over as they tried to tackle him and get the football from him.

During another visit to this beach a girl arrived with her boyfriend and set up a few feet away from me. She was thin and gorgeous but nervously kept her thong bottoms on even after her boy went nude.    He was well hung.  I was hoping and wishing she would undress completely too.  After a long while they both went for a swim and when they returned I was visibly excited to see she only needed a bit of encouragement from her boyfriend.  This time she walked straight by me completely nude, her pubes trimmed to a very narrow wisp right over her already split open vulva!  My mind raced imagining whether she had taken her thong off voluntarily or whether her boyfriend had gently coaxed her out of it, her boyfriend perhaps sliding it off her as she weakly protested.  And whether they had had sex in the sea!!  Certainly she seemed more confident and immediately went to lie flat on her back!  The boyfriend also started his sunbathing on his back and most of the time sported a nice thick and long knob pointing between his right hip and his navel.  No surprise really as she was very fit! 

She lay back on her elbows and almost constantly looked to her left where she could watch every movement  of her boyfriend's slippery knob. And lying less than 10 feet beyond her boyfriend on the same side she could also check out my excited and glistening co-ck pointing to the left at 3 o'clock across my thigh.  Every time she glanced over in my direction I could feel my co-ck thicken and slide a little more up across my thigh .  By the time my knob was nearly pointing towards 1 o'clock and getting prominently large I decided I just had to turn over.  I carried on watching her discretely and in safety, as she kept brushing sand from her superbly erect nipples, or similarly gently brushing away the sand from her boyfriend's chest nipples and belly, getting extremely close to his large knob.  Now and then I carefully shifted my weight to let my penis grow and very soon it was ramrod stiff and straight upright on my towel.  I had a long wait before my hardon subsided!  I now wished I'd had the guts to stay on my back and let my erect co-ck just bob up and down each time she glanced in my direction!

I went nude in Greece this year.  This time I removed all my pubic and crack hair so I sunbathed completely smooth.  After I had taken off my thong I sat down and oiled myself all over.  I made sure I gave my knob and balls a really good oiling, peeling my foreskin all the way back as I did so that my purple helmet ridge was fully exposed, every so often making sure it was still unsheathed while I sunbathed.  I had to stop stroking myself as it started to look like I was having a wa*nk and I was starting to get a bit too excited! I then laid back with my legs apart and my knob pointing out between my spread legs .  I remained like that for an hour or more even when my penis started to grow as I was determined not to hide it or turn over if it did start to grow.   I guessed gravity would stop it growing erect  but nevertheless it felt long and hard. 

When I was ready to turn over to get some sun on my back I checked out my towel between my legs.  It was drizzled all over with drops and trails of ji-zz!  My towel looked like one of these fancy dishes with balsamic dripped round it.  My glistening, dribbling, unsheathed knob must have been quite thick pointing between my legs and quite visible like this as people walked to and from the sea!  Further down the beach a guy received a full body massage!  First his back and then his chest and stomach.  I was getting very hard watching this imagining I was in his place, so luckily it was while I was tanning my back!! 

I'd love to have a beach massage, feeling her hands circling over my buttocks and into my arse crack, sensing her slippery fingers sliding over my chest with her nails catching my erect nipples, her hands running down into my groin and thighs sliding past my balls and penis, feeling her hands run up against my shaft as she tries to massage my belly.   Next time I see a masseusse on the beach I must go for it!.  But I know my penis would be rock hard and oozing continuously and just get in the way and I'd very likely spray the masseusse with my hot s-e-m-e-n! 

As the sun started to get lower in the sky I turned over onto my back again and faced  the sun moving over the isle.  This mean I was now facing the coastal path, not the sea. again with my knob pointing between my legs  I stayed on my back like this for at least 30 minutes while people walked by on the path as they left the beach or went to the bar.  They all got a clear view of my thick shaft and glistening wet purple helmet pointing right at them betwen my legs.  The excitement meant that my co-ck was close to pointing upwards.  It was only gravity that stopped it rising where it would then have fallen onto my belly and grown towards a full stiffie.

This year I'm off to a Spanish beach where nudist is common on many beaches and almost anything goes. I might even go nude on a beach which technically isn't a nudist beach. I can't wait to be surrounded on all sides by fit chicks wearing nothing more than a smile.  I don't think I'll care if I get completely hard and so I'll place my penis on my thigh and I will stay like that regardless even it grows completely stiff and starts sliding up to the 12 o clock position.  In fact I aim to stay on my back even if I do get a complete and thick stiffie and let it dribble all over my belly.  I doubt anyone will mind and the girls may even like it!  In fact I'd love to fall asleep and wake up with a raging stiff rod angled at least 2 or 3 inches above my belly!!

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4 Responses Aug 31, 2009

fantastic story. i loved it and can identify with so much of it.

Wow I'm bisexual and that story definitely turned me on!!! All the detail ohhhh USA I'll brb ;)

Wow I'm bisexual and that story definitely turned me on!!! All the detail ohhhh USA I'll brb ;)

:) I doubt anyone will mind any way. A nice stiffie is always a pleasing sight for the ladies.