Finally Warm Enough Now

Out in San Diego there is Black's Beach which is a nude beach.  I've been quite a few times before and have always enjoyed it, it looks like next week it's finally going to be warm enough for the beach this year.  I'm heading back on Monday, I can't wait.  I just need to do some "trimming and gardening" tonight to get ready.

sheasd sheasd
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2 Responses Mar 14, 2010

I was out in san diego a couple of years ago. wish i would have heard about black beach then, but it was the month of march so i guess it would have been still too cold for most people. being from canada, it was definetly warm enough for me

yes, blacks beach is nice, what a climb!!! i've been there too, i just wish they would let is wander further towards the city, the beach is nice, i walked down there one day and the life guard people asked me to cover up.