Nothing better than feeling the sun on every part of your body.
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I agree. Nothing like being nude whenever possible.

I'd love to do that one day.. Must be wonderful

It is. You must try at least once.

I would die of embarrassment of someone knew me there ..

But they are there too. Would they be embarrassed if you saw them? Actually, I totally understand. The first time, we drove over 4 hours to get to a resort we were sure no one would know us. But it's all good.

I guess .. There's one 10 minutes from me and it always crosses my mind .. Maybe one day?

Beach or resort?

Beach .. In NJ

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I love being nude at home and really want to try it out on a beach or club. Any advice?

If your single, try the beach. Clubs often have a couples policy. Most people are shy about what others will think when they are seen nude. But from experience, there's nothing to be shy about. There are people of every body type. I'm a curvy woman and if I can do it, than anyone can. And don't worry about arousal, not likely to happen. If it does, hold your towel in front of you or go swimming. Always bring your towel to sit on. And sun screen. Don't want the parts that don't see the sun often to get burned. And finally, have fun and enjoy the experience. Let me know if you do go and how it went. ;)

Nice to look back and see this conversation, didn't realise it was so long ago we first chatted. Really encouraged me to take the leap and have a go when I was in Ibiza last week, loved being nude on the beach and can't wait to do it again! Xx

Happy you finally got to try it and enjoyed it!

better to feel a tongue on every part of your body than the sun, and its much hotter

Yes...that too!

A tongue gets deep and makes you hot, it also makes you wet and clouds your mind and if you *** like a volcano exploding, you get nearly every weather in one go

love being nude it all the time in my private back yard

Yes, it's great having a nice sunny corner in your own garden where you can lie down for a quiet hour or two! I have one at home, and it's big enough for two - anyone want to stretch out on my spare recliner/sun-bed?