We were at an RV/Recreation show at the local convention center when I got separated from my wife. She disappeared in the crowd when I stopped to look at an ATV. I caught up to her about 15 minutes later and asked where she had been. She said she checked out a couple of booths, got some info and filled out a couple of "FREE DRAW"coupons.

After we got home,we started to go through some of the fliers and brochures we had collected. I came across one from a local nudist resort and asked where she had gotten this from and why. She said it was one of the booths she visited when we were separated. She said it looked like a nice place from the pictures and that she had always been curious about going to one. We talked about it and decided it might be something different to do.

We forgot all about it until the phone rang a week later. It was someone from the nudist resort saying we had won the draw my wife had filled a coupon out for at the show. It was an invitation to spend a day as guests at the resort without any of the regular fees. They told us to think about it and call them back within 48 hours. We decided to give it a try the next Saturday. We called back and made arrangements.

On Saturday morning, we showed up at this huge gate at the entrance, where the sign said, "RING BELL FOR ATTENDANT" When the gate opened, there was a woman with a robe and flip flops on. She welcomed us and showed us where to park. She said ,"I'll give you a while to get comfortable, then I'll take you on a tour" We were in a park-like setting with great lawns and lots of trees.I said to my wife, "I guess comfortable means naked" and removed my clothing. My wife also disrobed and we put on some sun tan oil and laid our blanket out. We had been ther soaking up the sun for about 15 minutes when a male voice says,"I see you have managed to get the rough part over." I must have looked puzzled, so he explained that the majority of newcomers often had a hard time making the initial plunge, undressing and blending in. He also said some people weren't able to get comfortable even after they were nude for a while. He turned to my wife and said, "Does my nudity offend you.? You seem a bit nervous." She said,"Not at all, I'm fine.As he lead us on the tour, she whispered to me, "I'm sorry I was a bit off back there, but his "Duffuss" is the biggest one I've ever seen!" I laughed and we continued the tour. It is a beautiful facility, We spent an enjoyable day sunning, swimming, playing shuffleboard, water volley ball and met some great people.We seriously thought about becoming members.
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I'm thinking that 12 miles is a typo. I have two AANR clubs within two hours from me and both accept single men. I've visited both, can't get away often so no membership yet, but sure enjoy the clothes free enviroment when I can.

Too bad most clubs don't take single males, this one does. 12 miles is quite reasonable when you consider this one is almost 40 miles away.

I wish that we had a nude resort within a reasonable distance. The nearest one is 12 miles away and won't accept single men anyway!