Nudist Resort Sex

I was visiting a nudist resort in the southern part of the USA several years ago when this experience happened. I had been to some nude beaches and had always enjoyed the feeling of being naked outside and in front of others. The skinny dipping was awesome as I have always hated the feeling of a wet bathing suit.
I had decided to visit a nudist resort for the first time and was a little concerned about all the rules about proper behavior, but decided to give it a try while on a business trip without my wife.I pulled up to the gate and showed the person my drivers license, paid the fee and I was in. It was a little strange driving through such a large place where most of the people were walking around naked. Naked people playing tennis, naked people walking their dogs, etc.
I found a parking spot near the pool and ******** out of my clothes the second I stepped out of the car. It was a little strange seeing my naked reflection in the car windows as I gathered up my towel and headed for the pool. There were probably 40 or so people sitting and lounging around the pool, so I headed for an empty chair, threw my towel over and got situated. The first thing was to get the sunscreen on. As a novice nudist, I was not about to get my **** or any other parts blistered with a sunburn. It was a very strange feeling putting the sunscreen on my **** and balls as this group of people was in relatively close proximity and all facing toward the pool. At the beach, it seemed you could be a little more discreet.
So, I got the sunscreen on and settled onto my chair. I noticed there were mostly couples sitting around, but a few women by themselves that looked to be somewhere between 30 and 40. I kept to myself for a while before I decided I would take a dip in the pool. Moments after I got in, one of the ladies who was by herself also came into the pool and we ended up in the same end talking about how nice a day it was.
She asked me if I was new there as she had never seen me around before. I told her yes, this was my first visit to not only this resort, but any nudist resort. She seemed amused by that and told me she lived there full time and would be glad to show me around the grounds so I could see all of the facilities they had to offer. I told her that would be great and we both headed out of the pool and back to our towels.
As she was walking back to her towel I noticed that she was slightly overweight, but still had a nice ***. She had dirty blond hair, a cute face and I noticed slightly saggy breasts with large dark nipples. She motioned me to bring my stuff over to an empty chair next to hers, so I gathered up my towel, sunscreen and sandals and made my way to her area of the pool. I got things placed on the the chair as she slid on her shoes and motioned for me to do the same.
We headed out of the pool and down by the lake, where there were boats and kayaks available for rental. Then we headed over by the volleyball and tennis courts where several mixed groups were out playing tennis. One of the women players had such large floppy breasts, that we both laughed a little when she would run for a shot. She pointed out the condo area where she lived and told me she had gotten it as part of the divorce settlement with her ex-husband.
After the tour, we headed back to the pool area and she mentioned we should try the hot tub. I said that sounded great and headed toward the hot tub, which was not enclosed but covered by a roof. There a few couples sitting in the tub when we entered and we ended up having to sit fairly close together due to the space available. Not long after sitting in the tub, her hand was on my thigh, rubbing it and brushing against my **** and balls. Wow, I thought and moved my hand under the water to her thigh where I started to rub a finger around her ***** lips. With that, she grabbed my now growing **** with her hand and began stroking it underwater. If the other couples knew what was going on, they certainly did not give any indication.
I immediately began fingering her ***** for all it was worth. After a few minutes, she said the water was really hot and she needed to cool down. As we exited the hot tub, she motioned for me to follow her. We went over to her condo, where she opened the door and made a bee-line for the sofa. She immediately motioned that she wanted me to eat her *****, so I knelt in front of her while she sat on the couch and had a great time. We ****** several times until darkness had begun to fall on the resort and I told her I really wanted to **** her outside if she knew of a good spot.
She said she did and we left the condo and headed back down by the lake. There were several trees there and with darkness falling, she led me to beind a big tree, where she bent over against the tree, grabbed my **** and guided me inside her from behind. Wow, being outside like that without any fear of being arrested was amazing.
After we both came, she suggested showering at the pool before one more soak in the hot tub. As I was heading back to my car to get dressed, I thought about my worries over the rules and realized I shouldn't have been worried.
I have been back to the resort several times since, but have not encountered my original **** buddy since.
Cfmn2010 Cfmn2010
51-55, M
Mar 10, 2011