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It`s All I Have

I have been to both A nude beach and resort, both are an hour away. I like the beach better, but hate the drive. When I go to either place, I look at the bodys but don`t judge. I do not consider myself A Adonis, I just like not wearing anything , The first time I went I became addicted and comfortable with it quickly. But now with my job, the summer is my busy season and can work up to seven days A week. So I have not been to either in years. I realy miss it. Being naked around the house is A poor substitute but it`s all I have right now.
agguy56 agguy56 56-60 2 Responses Aug 5, 2012

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Your job's busy season is great but won't last forever. I would suggest planning an outing when it gets cooler and when work is not as busy. In the mean time make that money!

I used summer as my busy season,But it starts in March and ends in December. And January is not beach weather.

Sorry to hear - it does get into your blood.

Yea, it`s in my blood, All I do is eat, sleep, and work.