When Does It Start?

When travelling to another country, I have discovered that my trip begins as soon as I land at the foreign airport. 
I know this will probably sound strange but, every airport has a unique scent about it. And so, I begin experiencing the new country from the smells of their airport!
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4 Responses Jul 21, 2010

@danda - some smells you wish you'd never experienced! And some immediately wrap around you and remind you of home. <br />
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@only - yes, travelling is the BEST education life offers. And I've been blessed to experience a bit of it. <br />
Types of people? Hmmm. I guess you could be right but..given the issue of transiting passengers, I don't put too much weightage on that anymore. <br />
The immigration lines though, that's another story. And a story all by itself.

Doesn't sound strange at all! I think it begins on the plane! Types of people going to a country also shaped what to expect for me, in a way. <br />
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Traveling is the best type of education one can go through :)

and I wondered why I didn't enjoy my trip to Turkey , lack of smell sense ??? lol.

It doesn't really sound strange. I totally agree with you. ^_^