My Travel Experiences

The first country I had been to outside of the USA was Canada, which was no big deal since I lived in Detroit and so like who doesn't go to Canada who lives in Detroit. Next country was Mexico. Then on my way to Papua New Guinea, where I lived for 3 years, I did a little travelling. First stop; France. I liked it a lot more than I expected and I want to go back. Then, off to Jordan for a couple of weeks and stayed with friends. While there, I walked over to Israel to see Jerusalem. That was eye opening. Then, off to Bangkok, Thailand for a while. One of the first things I saw there was a motorcyclist splattered on the highway. Then, off to Bali in Indonesia for a few days. Then to Cairns, Australia, which became a common respite for me while living in  PNG because I occasionally needed a break from work and third world country culture. It was a guilty pleasure. Then the final destination was Papua New Guinea. The land above the land Down Under. I have been all over that country. That country alone contains many unique cultures and over 800 languages. But all the places that I went to were very unique. I want to travel some more to visit other places and revisit some I have been to already. 
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so nice.. you travelled all over the world. you sure got many experiences. my parents were in Bali (Indonesia) and they really liked it.