I was born and raised in Scotland but live in South Africa at the moment so I have been to a number of African countries - and had food poisoning in most of them :) Kenya, Botswana, Mozambique, Uganda, Congo, Tanzania... Have also been to the US and Canada and done the back packing around Europe thing.

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I am so jealous! I almost moved to Africa, but went to Sweden instead (random right?) Amazing travel :)

Have you ever been to Cape Town, definitely the most beautiful city in South Africa. I'm a born and bred South African whose lived in Canada, USA and been to Frankfurt and a few other places. Still haven't been anywhere else in Africa yet. But I hope to soon as I have friends in Botswana all the way to Egypt.

I have been to Lagos, but never really seen much else of Nigeria. Was there for work so kinda in and out in a couple of days.

I actually feel so ashamed of myself, I am Nigerian, born and brought up here, and I haven't even been to Ghana! The only other African country I have been to, is the Republic of Benin our neighbour as a school trip in high school. I really have to do something about this, and I am planning to. <br />
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I have friends in Uganda, Kenya, Gambia, South Africa, and I guess I was living vicariously through their stories. <br />
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I have been to England, Wales, France, and Germany. :(<br />
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I need to see more of the world. ( sorry for being so long winded)

lol sorry, I didnt see the notice about your earlier comment and only saw it when I got the notice that mother had commented.

WyldHoney, thank you for the answer! :-)

Uganda, without a doubt. Congo is beautiful too - also pretty much on the equator. <br />
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When you come in to land at Entebbe you fly over Lake Victoria. The water is pure aqua marine and dotted with islands. Absolutely gorgeous. The French airliner that was hi-jacked in the 70's (I think they included this in the last king of scotland) is still parked on the end of the runway. <br />
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The jungle is beautiful, the people are lovely... just awesome.

What African country did you like most of all? And why?

I love African nature. Don't get to see enough of it. Have seen most of the 'game' species that SA has to offer, expect leopard. Have even seen a giraffe give birth. But I hate the fact that so much of it in endangered.

Great! Do you like African nature?

My family moved here so I didnt have much say in it :) My father was Hungarian and a bit of a gypsy so he liked to move a lot. So now I can proudly say I live in the crime capital of the world :) (Johannesburg). <br />
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As for my accent I am a bit of a chameleon. My natural accent is Scottish and when I think its with a Scottish accent lol. I use a South African accent with South Africans. But have gotten so used to adapting the accent to whoever I speak to that I have had embarassing experiences with Americans, Canadians, Australians... where I pick up their accents as we chat.