The Countries I've Been So Far

I live in the Netherlands wich is quite a small country, so going abroad is not such a big step. If I start driving now I'm in Germany within two hours or in Belgium within three.

So far I've been to Holland (of course), Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungaria, Austria, Croatia, Spain, Greece, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Ireland. Of course I can't say I've seen all these countries, some of them I've only passed through or only been at one place in the country. But still, I've been in 15 countries!

PS Soon it will be 16 because in a few months I'm going to Switzerland for a week with a friend. Already looking forward to it.
Vries Vries
18-21, F
5 Responses Jul 25, 2012

mate haul yourself across the ocean...
central america is just plain beautiful...
costa rica is always worth a visit...
especially the south-west...

What did you think of Ireland? xW

beer... thats what i think about ireland...
oh and bred and butter... hmmm celts... clover leaves...
leprechauns... and of course the local superhero: chuchullainn
(hope i didn't spell him tooo wrong...)
errrm very green and very nice people...
as long as you're not english ;-)
oh have i mentioned the best dark beer in the world?
and coming from a german that means a lot! ;-) cheers

Wawo i love to travel, but i didnt found much chance to move , wish u have a nice trip

Beat me. Beyond the US, I've been to Germany (repeatedly), the UK (repeatedly), Switzerland, France, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Jamaica, Barbados, Antigua, the Netherlands St. Maarten, Canada, and Mexico.

Since you've been to Sweden and Norway and I'm afraid you were only passing through Denmark but in case you didn't: what did you like the most about Denmark? :)

Indeed I only passed through Denmark, all the way from Fredrikshavn (where the boat arrived) to the German border. It's been years ago, I was still a little child on holiday with my parents. Therefor I don't remember much of it, but I remember while looking out of the car from the highway I saw a landscape mostly comparable to Holland. Green fields with cows. Only difference is Denmark is slightly hilly while Holland is really flat. But when you just got back from mountainous wooded Norway then Denmark feels almost like home. Norway is beautiful, but nothing like Holland or Denmark.