I Love to Travel

I love to travel, if I ever hit the jackpot that is what I would do. I wouldnt buy gold watches or yachts or lots of bling, I´d travel the world, instead. You cant take material possessions with you to the afterlife, but the fond memories of your travels will stay with you forever

I have not only been abroad on holiday, I have also lived abroad , and these are by far the most interesting experiences I have.

I like to learn about traditions, cultures, food and languages. I love to explore and get lost on purpose. I avoid as much as I can the tourist traps and choose to go on the roads less traveled. And what wonderful things I have seen.

I would like to take my daughter with me to many of the places I have visited. I want us to go to Spain and see the marvels that are there ( La Alhambra, Toledo, El Prado, El Escorial ) and maybe travel up north this time, to the Basque Country. I want to take her to Tuscany , Venice and Rome . I visited Assisi as a sort of pilgrimage once and I would like so much to go back to this town where time has stood still.

Brazil and Argentina are next in the agenda. I have heard wonderful things about these two countries and I am definitely adding them to my must see list.

I traveled pretty much on my own when I was younger, but now that I am a mom , I am so much looking forward to see the world thru her eyes, this time .


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9 Responses Feb 12, 2009

I agree with you. Traveling is my big passion too. I would like to visit as many countries as i can and also i would like to learn as many different languages because languages are very important for comunication with foreign people.

I never traveled while my children were at home, but when they flew the coop, they traveled all over the map, and invited me to join them, so I've had a very rich adventure.<br />
Still on my bucket list:<br />
The Alhambra<br />
Prince Edwards Island<br />
Germany in the late Spring(was there between Thanksgiving and New Years)<br />
Ireland any time (was there for a month in October)

that sounds just wonderful! i love traveling too. i've never been outside the u.s., but would love to someday experience as many other countries and cultures as possible.<br />
<br />
i hope you get to visit all these places, both the return trips and the first-timers! seeing them through your daughter's eyes would truly be priceless, and something she'll remember and appreciate always. :)

btw i always want to visit the basque region... sound very nice.. though i like Barcelona as i love Gaudí... so much. Hugs*

hi i can't agree more. it is for our spirit and for our mind. Hugs*

hi... travel is my life.. i been moving and traveling whole my life. i think travel can a great for refresh our mind. When i am in deep mood... I just take my favorite books and go somewhere with no plan.. this way, i can see thing in more perspective and also i can talk to myself alone. I love travel Hugs*

I agree with everything you wrote and all of the above comments.<br />
<br />
To me travel doesn't mean staying in a resort somewhere and just saying "you've been there". It is getting out and exploring.<br />
<br />
We too are looking forward to taking our children with us when they are a bit older. :)

Wonderful wonderful people.<br />
There's no better way to expose your children to the richness of other cultures and alternative ways of being than to take them travelling.<br />
Beats looking at textbooks in a classroom any day.

We have also travelled with our children and are planning anothe trip this summer to England, Sweden and hopefully Spain.