Why the Lists ? Share Your Experiences, Instead.

I suscribed to this group because I love to travel and I would like to learn about other posters´ travel experiences , as well.  Anecdotes, impressions, tips, photographs, memories.

However, I have noticed that most members  just compile long lists of the places they have visited and post them as stories, without a single comment on either one of them.

I see some have traveled to Australia, Morocco, Egypt, China, India , Japan, which is very nice , indeed, but what can you tell us about being there ?

That is what I would like to know.

Long lists dont tell me anything at all but your experiences will.


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2 Responses Feb 17, 2009

My dad is from Honduras and he has taken us back 2x to visit my Abuela (Gramma)
and I liked it very much. I went to see the Mayan ruins at Copan. Very pretty the people are so friendly but very poor. In the city of La Ceiba there are many old hotels along the coast that are beautiful but less than a mile away raw sewage runs into the sea. no one told me and my older brother this and we waded in the water. When my dad told me what was in the water I started to cry and ran to clean my legs. I learn a very good lesson that day

These are the sorts of travel stories I like to hear too... I can't wait to add my experiences to this group :)