An "Enhanced List"

Yes, it's a list...but it's more than just that!

Favorite country (outside of my own, the United States):  Austria, for it's stark beauty, culture, skiing, and the beautiful towns nestled beneath snow-capped peaks.

Country that no longer exists: Two actually - the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (aka USSR), and the Deutche Democratic Republic (aka East Germany).  Not much worth seeing in either, except St. Basil's, and the (now defunct) Berlin Wall.

Most beautiful city:  Budapest, in Hungary.  The Hapsburgs might have been corrupt, but they sure knew how to build a city!

Shortest stay in any country:  England, when a passenger on my flight from Frankfurt am Main to Boston nearly died, and we had to divert into London/ Gatwick, only to discover that the flight crew didn't have enough hours to complete the flight once we'd touched down.  I had to complete the journey the next morning, but not after going through the full customs rigamarole for what ended up being about a 6 hour stay in country.

Country I have the least interest in going back to:  Saudi Arabia.  I was finding sand in everything I owned for months after I returned from a 3 month stay over there.  Ugh.

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2 Responses Feb 17, 2009

I agree with you, Budapest is an awesome city!

Nice list. I will have to ponder Hungary.