Have been to Italy and US. I wish I could visit Iceland. 😊
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Good for you.

I lived in England and would love to go back again and live there.

I've been practically everywhere from buenos aires to Paris

Ahh, ive always wanted to go to South America especially Chile and Argentina. It's nice that youve been about everywhere people wanted to go to.

If you do, don't go to Montrivedo. It's a third world city. Pretty much scared me for age 9. But rio was amazing

I couldn't find Montrivedo anywhere on Google, but I wont probably go anywhere that wasnt considered as famous tourists' spot. Thanks though

Btw it's the Capitol of Uruguay, and no, you don't want to see it

I'll keep that in mind! Thankss

Cuz if you do, you no longer feel sad about those pitiful animal commercials

It's that sad

Sounds really bad...

It is

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I have been to Sydney. I want to go back maby move there.

Im going to sydney in 2 years to visit my friend who is graduating and will be backpacking across Australia with him for one full month. Can't wait!!! :))) Is sydney nice?

Sydney is the best place ever. I hope one day to move there from the states. That is how much I loved it there.