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The Netherlands
Spain (+Canary Islands)
Czech Republic
Faroe Islands
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How did you like Scotland and Norway?

Norway is AMAZING! I've been in the height of summer and the height of winter. Both beautiful times of year. The people are so kind. I'd really like the chance to live there one day, maybe work for a year.

Scotland is great, but I'm a bit biased because I live there :-).

I'm glad to hear it. And I agree, Norway is amazing, although I would say Sweden is even more amazing, but I'm biased because that's where I'm from.

I would also say Scotland is great, but again, biased as I live there.

Do you by any chance work in the oil industry...? A lot of people travel from Scotland to Norway for that?

I sure do. I'd love to use my oil industry experience to help get a job in Norway. Not sure I could convince my fiancé to move though. Maybe if it was just for a year she would go because she loves Norway too, she's just to attached to home.

Ive never been to Norway, but I would like to live there and get a job there simply because I heard it was very beautiful there. I cant wait till graduation and apply for a job in another country as I'm studying outside my country right now.

Norway is beautiful, and has free education for everyone. Sadly, it's very expensive to live there. I bet it's worth it though.

I hope I hv the guts to try to live there because one of my friend's brother is working nd currently living in Norway with his wife and cute kids.

It is a very beautiful place, also fair and the people I met were as kind as could be.

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