I've been few continents by myself. The most difficult places have been the spanish speaking countries. ( language barriers, dangerous, etc) I must say people in Peru are nice and friendly.
My European friends had a great time while sometime I wasn't, Latin America have a race inferiority complex with very few whites and blacks (opposite end of spectrum for as social status concern) with majority mestizos. My bad spanish wasn't help me either.
I just started visiting south and central America this year so Far Dominican Republic, Peru, Costa Rica, Panama. Coming soon Colombia, Brazil and DR again

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Yeah our family likes to travel. I cant even remember everywhere we have been. DR, costa rica, panama, Cozumel, Ecuador, Bahamas, curaƧao, Jamaica, Canada. We have been to most of them several times, and we like to travel in the contiguous states too. The languages throw us off sometimes, but english is the language of business right? And tourism is all about business if you know what I mean.

We haven't gone anywhere outside the Americas, and have stayed pretty close to home as far as S. America. But I'm only twelve still and most of my friends have never been on a plane or never went farther than Ohio (i live in North Jersey).

I hope to go to Australia and travel across Europe sometime.

I hope you have a good time in Brazil and Colombia.

It's funny you say 'english is the language of business ' I been to Europe Africa Asia Mid-east no problems finding someone to speak english with, but S. America it's hard and they will only know just little english. I'm not complaining or anything it just threw me off. Most places overseas have a person (s) that speak english in business that have lots of tourists. The Americas North and South are too close to have language barriers issues