I'm from England. I've been to Scotland, Wales, Spain, France, Italy (not the Italian mainland though), Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Russia, and Portugal. Most of these were on cruises though, so I didn't see as much of many of these countries as I would like. Planning to go to Iceland next year :)
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Born in UK, schooling in India, and UK. Colleges in Canada and US. Live in US been to Ethiopia, Japan, Hong Kong, Beijing, Singapore, Mexico, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Sweden, Hiked by Jong Frei, Sweated up the doma in Florence, of course the French wine country ......South America and the Antarctica next

I was born and raised (until grade 7) in Malmö Sweden ^^

i have been to england, scotland, ireland, Northern ireland, wales, spain, croatia, malasyia, vietnam, cambodia, singapore, america, italy, greece, switzerland, france, the vatican city, germany, egypt, portugal, and russia

I hope that you visit GAZA CITY

What is kindly not shown is Palestinians blowing up bus loads of school children how about free both Israel and Palestine they are both at fault for the ongoing insanity