I'm from England and I have been to Scotland, Spain, France, Portugal and Turkey! I would love to visit the USA though!
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I grew up in England but now I'm living in Asia, to be honest I love England more than anything. Have fun in the USA! (when you do travel there) :)

I have been very lucky with my travel- Australia several times, South Africa,Canada,US and Europe. When in the forces quite a few places also. This year will be West Wales :-)

did you ever think about morocco i heard it is good there (marrakech, fes,meknes,saouira ,assila .rachidia ..................) that is all good
places to visite there

I am quite lucky, I've been to: America, Spain, France, all three Balearic islands, Sardinia, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Portugal, Greece, Kenya, Tanzania, Egypt, Holland, Scotland, Wales.

I don't often tell people where I've been as I feel like I am bragging (not a fan of gloaters). This seems like an appropriate place to mention it though :).

Despite the bad press that America gets, it is still an incredible country for so many reasons.

What is the best attractions or the point of interest in America?

Depends on your interests I suppose. Appalachian mountains of you're into hiking. Florida or california if you like big loud exciting places and some of the best rollercoasters in the world. Texas and a few states north of that if you want to chase storms. New York for one of the best cities in the world. Some amazing beaches on the gulf coast. The list goes on! The American public are super friendly on the whole add well.

I'm from Finland, and I have been in Begium, Spain, Estonia and Sweden.

What is it like to live in Finland?