Yes I Have

i have been to another country and would love to go back to that country . i went to nicarguia . it was very eye opening . i would also love to go to other countries . more intersting  to study the country from the country.

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3 Responses Feb 16, 2010

I live in lots of countries. I grew up in the USA, studied in college in Montreal and then moved to Israel. When I can, I rent an apartment in Europe for a month or two or even three and live in that country for a while. It's wonderful if you can afford it. As a work-at-home translator, I can take work with me.

Been to too many to mention. Lived in Libya when I was younger. Then boarding school in Rome, Italy. I loved it! I love to travel anywhere and you were both lucky to get to go to Israel and Nicaragua!

Israel is awesome...been there twice...Bible study and worshipping the Lord...<br />
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