Across The Tasman

As a Kiwi it would be unpatriotic to say that I really enjoy visiting Aussie. But truth be told, for most NZers Australia is our first time overseas - its the cheapest place to go and there are always some ex-pat Kiwi friends or family to stay with.

I have been to Melbourne twice, Cairns about 3 times, Surfers a couple of times too. Last time I visited we drove from Cairns down to Brisbane - its a loooooong way! Have seen my fair share of sugar cane, believe me!
More trips are in the future - I have a sister in Melbourne, a step-sister in Brisbane, a cousin in Sydney and two friends on the Gold Coast.

I have always enjoyed visiting Aussie, heaps to see and do and once we get passed the sheep jokes, the accent cracks - feesh and cheeps or fush and chups, and the who beat who at whatever sport, I always have a great time!
jellibeanz jellibeanz
26-30, F
Feb 21, 2011