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Across The Tasman

As a Kiwi it would be unpatriotic to say that I really enjoy visiting Aussie. But truth be told, for most NZers Australia is our first time overseas - its the cheapest place to go and there are always some ex-pat Kiwi friends or family to stay with.

I have been to Melbourne twice, Cairns about 3 times, Surfers a couple of times too. Last time I visited we drove from Cairns down to Brisbane - its a loooooong way! Have seen my fair share of sugar cane, believe me!
More trips are in the future - I have a sister in Melbourne, a step-sister in Brisbane, a cousin in Sydney and two friends on the Gold Coast.

I have always enjoyed visiting Aussie, heaps to see and do and once we get passed the sheep jokes, the accent cracks - feesh and cheeps or fush and chups, and the who beat who at whatever sport, I always have a great time!
jellibeanz jellibeanz 26-30, F 1 Response Feb 21, 2011

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We Brits used to have the same types of local rivalries, but with the growth of political correctness they have largely died away, aithough nothing pleeases the Scots more than to see England lose at any sports event to any opponent.<br />
Typical stereotyping had the Irish as thick, the welsh as sheep shaggers and the scots as tight as in stingy, not typsy. What the stereotypical view of the English was isn't so clear, I think maybe our neighbours had too many popular complaints about us to form a stereotype.<br />
Still Ireland, scotland and wales are beautiful countries to visit.