Ahhh Austria!

I was in Austria only for a short time 11 years ago, but I loved it! We spent a few days in Salzburg, and found it to be a treasure of a city!

When we arrived at our hostel, we found that there was a daily Sound of Music tour that we could go on, and that our hostel played the movie each afternoon in the dining room. Oddly enough, I had never seen the movie before at the time, so I spend the first afternoon there watching the movie. (after a long over night train ride, a quiet afternoon watching a movie was a welcome rest!). The next day, we went on the tour, and our tour guide was amazingly funny, and would spur our bus on to sing the songs from the movie - a little bit fromage, but he was really good at getting us all involved! We saw the church where Maria and Captain Von Trapp got married, their house, and of course the gazebo where Rolf and Leisl sang "Sixteen going on Seventeen". The tour was great fun!

Back in Salzburg, we wandered the streets around the base of the castle, toured the Mozart Museum, and went to the Augustiner Brau for some good beer and weiner schnitzel!

The thing that my brother and sister and I joke about most often about our time in Austria, was trying to catch the train in Innsbruck... the train started moving just as my sister climbed on, then my brother got on, and I was running with a heavy backpack on my back, tried jumping on once and missed....and almost didn't make it the second time...thank goodness I made it! I would have been meeting them in Salzburg on my own a few hours later!!!
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I haven't been to Salzburg but i spent a couple of weeks in Igles, just up above Innsbruck. The scenery was so beautiful. The air so clear and fresh. Such a beautiful country.

I haven't spent any time in Innsbruck, but I would always love to go back. Hopefully someday!

This sounds like an amazing trip. I was in Austria this past October for a few days, and had to babysit two young Austrian children while my (and their) parents took my brother to Innsbruck for the train. Their mother came to the US to take care of my siblings and I for a year when I was very young so we visited her at her home. I do not speak a word of German, and the children spoke no German. It was a wonderful time none the less. Innsbruck itself is a splendid little town as well if you ever get a chance to go back. Many neat shops, a roof made of all gold shingles, nice architecture. I will definitely be making my way back in the future. :)

Whenever my brother and sister and I bring it up with a good laugh, they are the ones laughing, and I still have flashbacks about almost not making it onto the train! lol All I remember is an extra 40 pounds on my back and how hard it was to jump...you're right, it's a good thing I could run!

Salzburg was amazing....in spite of my short time there, I just loved it! Thanks for your comment! :o)