It Was a Good Visit

I was there for a business trip and was able to fly my wife up for a trip so we can be there together.

It was fun we went down the Magificent Mile then to Navy Pier and was able to meet my uncle who was there for his graduation. 

The next day we went to Wisconson was able to enjoy the peace and quite out on Lake Michigen.

The biggest regret was I thought Chicago was known for their pizza but where we went it was a 45 minute wait and the pizza wasn't that good.

The chicago dog that we got in union station was far better.

But it was good to see  the different areas that I have seen in a lot of movies.  We were there for the premier of the dark knight which was great.

It was fun either way.



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3 Responses Mar 3, 2009

The place we went was Giordano's ans we had the stuffed pizza. I think that it was probably just a bad day with the Lalapaloza concert going on and being a Saturday.<br />
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Hope our travels takes us there again someday so we can see more of the city. We only had a day there so we tried to see what we could.

Agree, ya must've picked the wrong place! Navy Pier rules---my Dad used to take me fishing there before sunup, when it was just an old pier. Love the view from the top of the ferris wheel, esp. at night!

You'll have to come back. Sounds like you picked the one bad spot in Chicago. Pizza is usually spot on, here. You'll probably never run into a poor hot dog, sausage or italian beef here. As for the locations, if you make it back, take a walk/drive down LaSalle Street. Very picturesque. Last scene in the movie "The Untouchables".