My Time In France

Last May I went on a school trip to France. The trip was a free part of my scholarship, so I was really quite lucky in that aspect. We spent most of our time in Normandy, visiting historical sites related to WWII. We also visited Giverny, Bordeaux, Rouen, and spent half a day in Paris. It was BEAUTIFUL!! I think the best lesson I learned from my trip was one about living a more healthy, sustainable lifestyle. You see, in France most people live in cities and walk from place to place. Most food eaten is produced locally, and markets are set up quite often to feature fresh produce. Cars are so tiny, and not once did I see an SUV. Good thing too because their fuel prices are so much higher than ours!!
So while I may never live in France, I do think I would enjoy living somewhere that I could walk to a market and enjoy the fruits of local businesses. However, this idea seems to be uncommon in America. If you know of any places like this, please let me know!
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2 Responses Jul 14, 2010

I went to Paris just this summer and I saw a few of these fresh markets. It was wonderful, and I know what you mean by a healthy lifestyle. Everything seemed at least a little more efficient than here in America. <br />
If you get another chance, spend some more time in Paris. It's great. <br />
And perhaps Switzerland. :) It is so breath takingly beautiful there.

Very cool. Glad you had a memorable trip. So did you get to enjoy any of the beaches?