I Met My Penpal!

During June - July 1995, my choir attended the International Choir Festival in Arnhem, the Netherlands. The whole event took about one week.

We were qualified for the Mix Big Choir (meaning: no less than 50 people singing in one choir) and we sang the required song which had as its lyrics one of Shakespeare poems. My choir won the first prize, with a compliment as the choir that sang it with the best interpretation. Haha thanks to our beloved conductor!

*we performed here - Musis Sacrum, the Concert Hall*

Regardless that event, something touched me during the stay. I met for the first time, my beloved penfriend from Nibbixwoud, after the even i went with her to her parents house to stay for one night. It was amazing feeling to sit in her bed, looking down to the street, i miss her, haven't been in contact anymore for 7 years now!

*I've been here - St. Cunerakerk - with my penpal, we went inside to see the orgel, a big one really!*

Thank you EP, this group reminds me to find and write her again!

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:) there will be a lot of messages between us dazz, so i guess no need to save it coz u won't have time to read it again hehehe..<br />
all are in our heart :)

if i can only save all our exchange of messages. ^^,

hey dazz! we, both of us, probably are all fruity loops! hehehehe<br />
<br />
it's funny the way that the same word memory applied to either for human and computer device... ^^,<br />
and we can also keep memories of our dear friends in our computer device as well as in our hearts :)

I'm loopy ^^, haaayyy,, communication is really important in friendship. But memories will always be in our hearts.

i love Andrea's voice, very warm and passionate :)<br />
<br />
heehe u can list yourself to the andrea fan's club! ^^, all with your kids!

Beautiful, beautiful song......<br />
How funny, I had a Sarah fest earlier this evening.....Blasting the stereo while doing the dishes....Yep!......my kids pretty much know all the songs and most of the words......they, too, love Sarah and Andrea....and sing along with me in the car.....

Con te partiro.... ^^,

Loopy is a term of endearment I use in place of "silly" - I do call myself "Loopy" ~ Although some may consider the "loopy" as intoxicated....depending to what region you live. <br />
No Israel of course is not in Europe, but it's always the number one location on my future traveling list. It has a rich and powerful history and mainly because I want see places described in the bible.<br />
They do have tour groups and I might plan to do that in a couple of year.<br />
Andrea Bocelli is one of my favs as well. I got to know him via Sarah Brightman (I'm a fan about 14 years) when they had a duet together. And I got into her music when I saw Phantom of the Opera and went out to purchase the soundtrack and the rest is history. She sang Phantom when she was still married to Andrew Loyd Webber. <br />
Oh, yeah I love spicy foods too. The hotter the better.

whaa.. loopy girl?? what is that Sid?? hehe<br />
Is Israel now counted as Europe?? hehe just kidding.. my friend who has been in Italy told me that the spagetthi sauce/gravy tasted less tasty than the ones we got in Indonesia hehehe go imagine, Indonesians like spicy foods! Hey u r lucky to have seen France! My plane that time was only parked there for some minutes, to drop some passengers :(<br />
Always want to see Eiffel! Eiffel is probably my first knowledge of France hehehe..<br />
as for Italy, i wish i can see Tuscany, where my fave singer lives :) (Andrea Bocelli)

What R U talking about? You got me. .... Your Penpal......Loopy girl!<br />
The pix are really cool....I love them. I love Europe....wish I went backpacking before getting married and had kids. However, once the kids are older, I'd like to take them one by one with me traveling Europe, God's willing of course. Last time I was over there was England, see......12 years ago. I like many things but the food. They do not have "tasty food". Italy, then followed by France .....But then It would have to be Israel first of all.......Yeah, I'm a nut.....planning my trip already.

can u believe i got more than 20 of them.. but one by one they were gone, or me the one who stopped writing?? gimme back my ginko biloba hon! hehehe

wow. penpals.. wish i experienced to have one before i knew the computer.

It was beautiful and clean and what impressed me was the way they made available for the bikers one special line for biking in one village we stayed some minutes driving from Arnhem... Another thing that i remembered dearly was their appreciation for the musician, oh i wish i remember the name of the village where we stayed... they got their streets with musician's name such as Mozart Straat, Beethoven Straat... The people were friendly and punctual, the atmosphere was of serenity..<br />
<br />
My penpal's parents got a house which in the same neighborhood with one big tulip field! aww too bad it was not in April... I didn't see tulips in that field :(

Wow!<br />
<br />
Congratulation,<br />
<br />
And Netherlands looks like a very beautiful country,<br />
<br />
Thank you for sharing the pictures