Colorado Ambassadors Of Music Europe Tour 2010

This summer I finally went on the europe tour I have been waiting for, for two years. I was invited to try out for the orchestra that was going and I made it. The tour included, London, England; Paris, France; Crans-Montana, Switzerland; Leichtenstien; Seefeld, Austria; Venice, Italy, and Rothenburg, Germany. Band and chior was involved too. I had the time of my life and i think Switzerland was my favorite place. I was able to see almost all of the major atractions in these countries in 16 days. It was amazing. In Switzerland we got a hotel where you had skeleton keys for your room and a banlcony. Our balcony had a face on view of the Siss Alps and a view of the entire town.
I was also shocked at how the gypsies in Paris would come up to you and ask for money. The children would do the same. I loved all of the cultures and life styles.
There are way to many stories and experiences to tell in just one post, but I just wanted to say how wonderful it was. I wouldn't mind moveing somewhere over there. :)
Sarrebear Sarrebear
18-21, F
Aug 11, 2010