Grandparents Trip

My grandparents took me, my aunt Lynn and my cousin Jenny to Florida.  I was 12-ish and Jenny was about 14.  It was a good trip...but Jenny and I didn't get along all that well.  I did have fun.  Grandpa and Gram took us to the big amusement parks, and we even stayed in a Disney resort.  To me, the only big problem (other than Jenny's attitude...) was that we didn't go to the beach.  I'd never seen the ocean, and wanted to sooooo bad.  Eventually my whining got annoying enough that Grandpa drove us to a beach, and let us stand there long enough to glance at the sea, scoop some sand into a zippy bag (cheap souvenir, anyone?!?) and come back to the car.

Oh well.  It was a pretty great trip, even with all the tough parts.  Grandpa and Gram didn't have to take me, and I'm glad that they did.
Plaid Plaid
31-35, F
May 14, 2012