Zut Alors, Les Escargots!

I've been to France, and made some stuttering attempts to speak french, much to the consternation and despair of the French. Alas, it's only been in the company of my family, so I've yet to experience France as a truly grown adult. France, I suspect is a place that is well served by either being unattached, or by having the company of a partner of some sort.

France has enough to keep someone busy for a lifetime though. It's got such a unique flavour to the culture, the place, the food and everything that you find there. I found that even the French versions of multinational chains have something about them that is unmistakably French in attitude. It's a wonderful and refreshing thing that one can also get quite sick of, if it's not quite your cup of tea :P

The depth of the history is astounding, as is the art. I think if I had a better understanding of such things, my visits there would have been much more enjoyable.
I am sad to see the outcome of the recent French presidential election though.

Also, they drive like lunatics in the heart of Paris. ;)
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Avocat et Oeufs à la Mousse de Crabe!!!!<br />
<br />
And back to the pain au chocolate.......mmmmmm.......tasty.....

Coq au Vin! Tarte flambée!!!! Crêpes!

For this I would die right now....give me the pain au chocalate and watch me in my death throes.

pain au chocolate


I guess you were pretty polite about it...


This particular composition of touring party would make for a rather cultural excursion!<br />
<br />
Right down to TibbyFinola's cussing.

me too, tate! my french language sucks, but i come in useful in the art/history department.

Now there's an idea! You might have to do all the talking though for everyone though, my french is now virutally nonexistent :P

I know what you mean about France...I LOVE it, and am constantly trying to get back over there. We should do an EP fieldtrip to France :}

Too late! Look at all that saliva!!!

:) yup. dont try to eat it! you'll end up with slobber all over your screen....

ahahahaahhha<br />
<br />

<br />
=D<br />
<br />
____<br />
l o 0l<br />
L_o_l<br />
<br />
It's a cheese cube!! :D