Where the Heck Is That Cow?

One day at work we were drinking a tall refreshing glass of milk. On an island called Guam.  I traveled the whole 38 by 8 miles island never have seen a herd of cows.

So one day I asked my coworker, "do they have a farm around here?" The factory is on the main highway or street, and they put up a huge statue of this cow. 

So we had the bulls to find there number and call up. "yes where are your cows?" "excuse me? she ask.

"You know since you claim to make fresh milk, where are the cows that gives milk?"  

"Oh no we just have this factory, there are no cows?"

"What if there are no cows, how can this milk be fresh? You lie to me."

And CLICK. No she hung up, that woman was a rep for her company and she didn't answer how I drink my fresh milk. Is it frozen on a barge somewhere and it gets thawed out? If anyone knows how to ship milk across an entire ocean, please let me know.

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3 Responses Mar 7, 2009

they fly it over in a matter of hours

The only fresh milk on Guam comes from a coconut. :)

Refrigerated shipping containers.<br />
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There are no dairy farms on Guam.