Hot Sex At Hedo II

My wife and I took a trip to Hedo II in 2009. We had never been to a clothing optional resort before, and certainly not one with the reputation of Hedo II! Lisa was a bit nervous and I was excited. We weren't sure what to expect so we purchaed a book about the resort titled "The Naked Truth About Hedonism II". The information in it was helpful and set some of Lisa's worries aside. The book stated that it is NOT a swingers resort, though a lot of swingers do go there at times, and no one would pressure you to have sex. In fact, sex in the open is NOT supposed to be permitted but rarely does anyone say anything about it and the chance of seeing sex while there is good especially if you are out at night near the nude pool or hot tub.

We arrived on a Thursday afternoon and immediately checked in to our room then hit the beach. Lisa wasn't comfortable going full nude so she donned a hat, sunglasses and a thong and off we went. I on the other hand had no problem getting naked. We wandered around the beach a bit then went over to the hot tub. While there we met a few people and already observed some blow jobs and a lot of sexual contact, if not intercourse. Thursday night was "Toga Party Night" and Lisa had come prepared. She had made us each togas. Mine was standard white and her was red and very very short. Underneath she wore a red tiny g-string that was totally sheer in front.

We went to the main dining area and watched the show. An older couple sat down with us and the man was drooling over Lisa. Her toga was over one shoulder and the other side went under her arm so her left breast was constantly trying to fall out. She was asked to dance by a few ladies and a couple of young guys and as she would spin her lovely *** was completely exposed. We got bored with this in short order and headed over to the piano bar. No one was in the bar but there was a group of people in a room that was immediately off the bar and we were invited in. Everyone gave Lisa a hard time because she was wearing a g-string. They knew this because they asked her what she had on underneath and she lifted he toga and slowly turned around and showed everyone. They began trying to get her to remove it and finally a couple of them approached her and one of them held her while the other one slipped her g-string off. He then stuck the panties in his pocket and told her he'd give them to her later since she had no where to put them.

The group in this room weren't wearing togas so Lisa made all of them, 10 or so men and 3 or 4 ladies, prove they were "commando" under their clothes. They all agreed and she was given a nice show of ***** ranging from very tiny to average to someone large. The women all displayed either shaved or very well trimmed *******. We got drunk with them and then went outside and smoked some pot with a few of them. As we all got more ****** up the guys got friendlier. Lisa had 3 of them with their hands all over her in no time. Two of them had wives with us and I was getting my share of attention from them as well.

After a bit we went to the disco. It didn't open till around 11:00 but we got there before that. They let us in and we began driinking and flirting with the staff. It was quite chilly in there and so we left and waited to return until the crowd picked up and the body heat warmed things up some. Around 12:30 we returned and it was pretty full then. We squeezed out onto the small dance floor and were dancing in the middle of a group of people who were barely dressed at all! I went to the bar to get us another drink and had a difficult time getting back to Lisa on the dance floor. She was surrounded by 3 guys and 2 ladies. They were all dancing together and holding on to each other. One of the guys was grinding into her from behind and a lady in front of her was rubbing her *** against her crotch. She had hands grabbing her all over and was returning the grabs as much as possible.

I got to her and we moved off the floor and stood talking. Lisa was now getting hot and was ready to go. I suggested that we go back to the pool and hot tub so we left the club and ******** off our togas. Lisa was now naked so she wrapped a towel around her waist and off we went. We had been drinking all afternoon and had smoked several joints so we were feeling no pain and were ready for some sexy fun. I was shocked at how full the hot tub was and how much activity was going on. It must have been nearing 2:00 am and the party was getting bigger not winding down.

We got in the jacuzzi and found a spot between a man and 2 ladies. The ladies were both working on him, occasionally turning their attention to each other. On the other side was an extremely large black man who appeared to be alone. Hedo II does allow single guys but if they get too aggressive they'll get shunned by everyone there so he appeared to be relaxing and enjoying the MANY shows and peformances around the tub. I sat on the bench and Lisa sat between the black man and myself. After a while he moved over to the center of the pool and was either squatting, kneeling or sitting so that he was mostly under water. Lisa moved over in front of me and began to play with my ****. I got up on the side of the tub and she then began to give me a *******. The black man now turned his attention to us. He moved back over to his spot on the bench in the hot tub and was sitting right beside Lisa as she went up and down on my ****. He appeared to be playing with himself.

Lisa grew tired of the position she was in and raised her head. I slid down into the hot tub and Lisa turned to sit down and fell right into the black mans lap! When she realized what happened she put her hands behind her to try to stand and apologized. The black man laughed and now had his arms around her below her breasts and said, "no problem! It's crowded in here and I don't mind giving you a place to sit!" and he laughed again. He wasn't making any effort to let her up and her bare *** was right on top of his ****. Lisa asked me to make room but there was no where for me to go. She sat in his lap for a minute and then finally stood up and said she needed to "cool off a bit...and calm DOWN a bit too!" and she got out of the tub and went and lay down on a lounge chair by the pool.

I got out and went over and sat on the lounge beside her. She was laying on her back with her legs spread. Her ***** was shaved totally smooth and with her legs spread like that it was all showing. Eventually the crowd began to thin out some. I moved my chair closer to hers, the one on the other side was already practically touching her chair. As people left the pool area and headed to their rooms I noticed the black man walking in front of us. I spoke to him and told him I was sorry for practically forcing him out of his spot in the hot tub. He sat down on the other side of Lisa and said, "that's okay, I thought it was HOT!". I introduced myself and he said his name was Joe. I told him my sleeping wife was Lisa but at that moment she sat up and said "you mean your awake but very ****** up wife! I'm NOT asleep and haven't been.". We talked a bit, Lisa was now straddling her lounger, Joe had been sitting backwards on his and turned in an wierd angle because his was so close to hers. He then pulled it a foot away and moved over and sat facing us on the side of the chair.

As we sat there talking I noticed Lisa stealing glances at Joe's package. Finally she looked at me and said, "Have you noticed the size of his ****? It's freaking HUGE!". I admitted I had seen it but told her apparently she was enjoying it more than me! She smiled and squeezed her **** and side she was. Joe was enjoying her attention and actually stroked it some for her as she stared. He asked us if we were swingers...and Lisa told him no and asked if HE was. Joe said that he was here with some female friends and one had thought they were coming to be together but that wasn't happening. He said he was only attracted to white women and they were both black. They also were freaked out by the nudity and were staying on the "prude" side.

I went to the bar to get us each a drink and left them there to talk. Lisa had turned to face him at that point, their legs touching and Lisa's knee within a couple of inches of his monster ****. It was nearly 4:00 am by then and the hot tub was empty except 1 couple. We all took our drinks and got back in the hot tub. The activity was over and even the one remaining couple left after a few minutes. Despite having the entire pool to ourselves Joe and I were sitting close to Lisa. She got out to go to the restroom and Joe asked me, "So what's the deal? Lisa says you AREN'T swingers?". I explained that was correct, we arent' swingers. But we have been known to "mess around" a bit IF the mood was right and IF Lisa was willing, which sometimes she is and sometimes she's not. He asked if he should leave us or what he should do? He said she was making him horny as hell but he didn't want to offend anyone. He was a law enforcement officer in New York and couldn't afford to get into trouble and enjoyed hangin out with us. I told him to play it by ear, so to speak. I explained that she wasn't likely to make a first move but that she seemed to like him quite a bit. He asked if she was IN to black guys, I told him she never had really indicated that but that a friend of mine had actually had sex with her and she seemed to really enjoy it.

Lisa joined us again in the tub but sat a few feet away from us both. She was talking quite a bit and I think it was due to nervousness. I moved over to her side and began to kiss her. A few seconds later Joe joined us with Lisa between the 2 of us. He moved his hand to her leg and began rubbing it. By her knee at first, then slowly but definately moving it higher until he was rubbing the inside of her thigh right at her ****. I began rubbing the other thigh and we both were slowly spreading her legs apart. Lisa now began rubbing Joe's thigh but his **** was hard and sticking straight up so she wasn't touching it. Joe leaned over and began kissing her as I watched. She kissed him back hesitantly at first then more eagerly. After a couple of minutes she "came up for air" and said, "Damn! We need to calm things down a bit. At this rate I'll be ******* you both right here!". Joe laughed and said that was fine with him but Lisa looked at him and said that she didn't think she could do that.

He kissed her again and I got out and went to the restroom, just to leave them alone for a few minutes more than anything else. I sat on a chair nearby and watched as they kissed and he felt her ****. He stood up in front of her and pulled her to her feet and they stood there holding each other. His hands were on her *** and hers were on his. I walked back over and sat with my feet in the hot tub. They were grinding into each other and I could see that Joe was trying to squat down a bit to try and allow his **** to fit between her legs, but he was simply too tall. I told them I was going to the room to get a joint and Lisa said they would come too, she was tired of the hot tub.

We walked side by side to the room and Joe and I each had a hand on her *** and she had her arms around our waist, or MY waist and his ***! When we got to the room they went in and I stopped to talk to a couple staying next to us. When I went inside they were already smoking the joint. The room was small and everyone was just lounging on the bed. We were on the ground floor and the curtains were open, the front door open and the tv was on. All the other lights were out except the bathroom light. We passed the joint around and made small talk. Joe was rubbing Lisa's thigh again and I moved over beside her on the bed. As the 3 of us sat side by side on the bed naked I looked at the bed's mirrored top and was quite taken by the sight! Lisa's legs were again spread apart with Joe's hand lightly rubbing her *****. She had her hand in his lap with her fingers closed around his ****, though her fingers didn't reach all the way around. It was dark in the room but you could see. I turned the volume down on the tv and put a cd in the small cd player that we brought.

Lisa and Joe began kissing again and they were now lying on the bed. Joe rolled onto his back and Lisa slid down and began to suck his ****. She couldn't swallow any where near all of it so she was stroking it with her hand at the same time. her *** was in the air and the view in the mirror was incredible! I eased up behind her and started licking her ***** from behind. Her ****** started almost immediately so I quit licking so she could go back to attend to Joe. She couldn't take much of his **** in her mouth so she slid up and began kissing him again. Joe's **** was leaking precum like crazy and I knew Lisa's ***** was wet, but when she reached between her legs and started guiding him inside her she had to take it very slow! I was still at the foot of the bed and the sight of the head of Joe's **** entering Lisa's ***** was incredible!! She continued to ease her self lower and lower onto his ****. Her ***** was stretched to the point that it looked like it would split open!

Finally she worked his **** all the way inside her. They lay there very still for a moment and then Lisa began sliding up and down on him...slowly at first and then faster and faster. Joe was grunting loudly and Lisa was moaning like crazy and began to whimper. Joe turned her over, never allowing his **** to slip out of her *****, and began to pump her faster. Lisa's legs were wide apart and raised up to her shoulders with Joe's arms on the bed outside of her legs keeping them up. Her ***** was stretched beyond belief and her ******* was gaping open and wetness from her ***** was RUNNING down her ***! Lisa was now PLEADING with Joe saying...."Oh God **** ME! Please just **** ME!"

I heard laughing at our door and our neighbors walked in and asked "who's ******* in here?". I held my finger to my lips to quiet them and then pointed to Lisa and Joe. The 3 of us stood there watching Joe continue his impalement of Lisa. Lisa was moaning louder and louder and I could see it was affecting the couple in our room. They were wearing their togas still, but hers was so small her **** *** and ***** were all visible. They said they had to leave to have their own party so I was left to enjoy the show on my own. I tried to get Lisa to take my **** in her mouth but she shook her head and said, " No...No...I CAN'T!" She was ******* and actually screamed. Tears were leaking from her eyes and streaming down the side of her head. Joe finally shouted, "My turn!" and began to shoot his load inside Lisa.

When he finished he pulled out of her and immediately went to the restroom then said he was heading to his room to sleep. I lay down by Lisa who was lying on her back with her arms folded tight across her chest. Her eyes were closed and every few seconds she would shiver or shake. The bed sheet was soaked from Joe's *** running out from her so I got up and grabbed a towel. She barely responded when I told her to raise up so I could place it beneath her but she finally did. While I was covering the wet spot I noticed her ***** was still gaping wide open!

The next day she got up and showered first thing and back we went to the beach. Joe joined us later and we hung out most the day and again later that night. Before the week was over she had ****** him 2 more times and had lots of interesting playful sexual encounters! She was worried when we left that she had gone too far, that I was upset or angry. I assured her that I was fine with what happened and she then tried to assure me that it would never happen again...thought I told her to not make promises she couldn't hope to keep! LOL
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